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Why we cannot speak the truth

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Transparency in New Zealand is  such   that   no one dares speak the truth  , those who do  are beaten up for it.

This process appears to be supported by lawyers and judges  alike who do not give  the opportunity for the truth to be exposed.

Just last night on Chanel 7  a journalist said the same .

Not one of us can do this on our own  we all have to make a stand and say enough is enough. we are living a fiction-  we want reality.

One by one New Zealanders are picked off   sued and bankrupted ,   will you speak up only when it comes to your turn?

we have a lot to learn from animals  my favourite   example is in   Battle at kruger if only humans  could  collectively  get behind each other    then we can turn the lions back

Our world is not about  transparency  honesty and truth. Our  world is  about lies and deception and  it would appear  that those in power go all out to protect that.


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