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Well done Dame Margaret BAZLEY

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Within a week of transparency International  publishing  the statistics which show that New Zealand is  the least Corrupt , Dame Margaret blows the lid on corrupt  lawyers.

She has so hit the nail on the head.  These lawyers clog the courts  and if this is what they do with legal aid  imagine what they do with  clients who are not eligible  for assistance.

Middle income NZ have no right to justice  they don’t qualify for legal aid and  layers  fleece them on the way through    there is no accountability to truth in the courts  and he with the  deepest pocket  wins.

The law society  is a farce , the head of ethics  is a man who represented Botha an the truth and reconciliation  hearings  .The corruption from foreign countries has merely been transplanted  in New Zealand. When Lawyers become accountable to their own rules then we may progress to true accountability and transparency.

Dame Margaret you are  so brave for exposing it , I spoke up on  corruption  and it has destroyed my family-  all in an effort to keep the lid on corruption in NZ

I will soon expose how  the law society allows Lawyers to  slip through the  disciplinary  system.

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  1. In the mid 1970’s a young woman Johanna Michaelsen
    publish a small, significant book:
    Titled ” Like Lambs to The Slaughter”
    It may be possible to find a second hand copy at a secondhand Christian bookshop now, about Readers Digest size.
    She had a team of about 60 researchers mostly volunteers who followed every lead she needed. to: “Establish – Confirm and Verify”
    This was all done meticulously right through her book.
    To this day despite naming names, academic qualifications, occupations – appointments and giving the intimate spiritual dimensions of her target group, Johanna has never been a target – for any kind of litigation so what ever and this in The United States of America..
    Johanna exposed the : ‘deep and dark underbelly’ of :
    “The Education Systems of all of the Western World” but at the time ,we educators that we were then, faithfully believed our equally ignorant politicians and bureaucrats – bueaurarats none of us really understood then what she was on about.
    Now it would appear we are perhaps too late as planned events in the USA unfold over the next two months or so
    We will not hold our breath for “The Fall of The Empire- USA”
    Will Aotearoa be next in line?.
    Our corrupt Judiciary has its genesis in the Education system and is not planning to go away.
    “The universe will not support a lie -the whole weight of the universe is always against a lie”.
    Just watch all of these purveyors of injustice all wriggle – writhe -into their holes of great – utter – restless – discontent within the courtrooms of their own consciences as their seared consciences are quickened by the power of Aroha Nui -Much – Love.
    If you who are a victim, can bring your self to earnestly – lovingly – sincerely – pray for the arohanui to envelope these miscreants entire being – family ..why : ‘ the coals of fire and judgement’ can be released upon them and bring them to their knees faster than you can say ” Jack Robinson”
    This we have seen times and again

    Comment by Afa Hanwhiti — 29/11/2009 @ 6:22 am

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