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LGOIMA requests

last Month I  made a LGOIMA  request  to Waitakere  city , this is a request for information under  the local government  official information and meetings act .

I had received information from MAF that the trustees of AWINZ were no longer wishing to be an approved organization under the animal welfare act.  This was expressed in JULY     It is now DECEMBER  and Waitakere City  have just responded that the animal welfare officers   who are employed by them    are still accountable to AWINZ

This is the OIA  I sent on Tue, 10 Nov 2009  edited  so that I don’t defame Neil Wells. ( Truth is never defamation  but  truth has cost me  $200,000)

Official information act request for Waitakere  City and the minister  of agriculture and minister of local government

In 2006, I  questioned the  legitimacy of the approved organisation AWINZ  ( animal welfare institute of New Zealand)

I had discovered that the statements made to the minister in 1999  by the Baptist elder ( who  also co wrote the act) were PORKIES and made with intent of setting up his own business venture being to utilise  territorial agency employees for a private SPCA  type organisation.

The only place in new Zealand that this existed was in Waitakere  where Neil Wells  as  trustee of the  trust   AWINZ -contract to himself as manager animal welfare  so that staff could be trained by him for extra remuneration and he could collect  donations for the AWINZ  account  which only he had control over.  ( it’s a fact I can prove it – I don’t believe  that   that is defamatory)

I have recently been  advised  by Maf  that  the trustees of AWINZ ( trust deed dated 2006 )  have decided to relinquish the approved status. ( in this case the trustees  are not those on the trust deed but are   different ones,, not to be confused with the ones who sued me  they didn’t have a trust deed )

I am now informed  that the former AWINZ officers have become  warranted through the RNZSPCA.I  believe this was facilitated through Tom Didovich a trustee of AWINZ and also National Education & Branch Support Manager of the RNZSPCA.

By virtue of  the OIA  could you please advise

1.       The mechanism by which the council employees have now become Spca officers,

2.       please provide all documents  discussions, minutes of council meetings ,  correspondence  with relation to this  .

3.       Please also  provide a  copy of the contract between council and the spca  which allows council employees to be  deployed as RNZSPCA officers.

4.       Please also advise if this   role as RNZSPCA officer is  voluntary  and if it is are your employees aware that   it is a voluntary role.

5.       In  1999  local government NZ was  opposed to  council officers being used in a central government role  please advise if  there have been any changes  to this regard.

6.       I would still like to know  why making a false representation to the minister with regards to  claims that  an organisation existed when it did not   is not viewed seriously . why is this acceptable  when it led to  becoming a  law enforcement organisation   based on  the  fraudulent statements. ( as opposed to john davies and Marianne Thompson who were prosecuted for their lies )

For more info see

The reply  from Waitakere was as follows  nothing has been  heard  from the others.

From: Denis Sheard []
Sent: Wednesday, 11 November 2009 10:58 a.m.
Cc:; Rodney Hide (MIN); Mayor Bob Harvey; Councillor Hulse;
Subject: official information act request.. council employees as spca officers.

Your email has been passed to me for response.

Questions 1 – 4

You are misinformed. Council officers have not become “SPCA officers”. Nor is there any proposal under consideration by the Council that this should occur.

The information requested in questions 1 – 4 does not therefore exist.

Those Council officers who hold Animal Welfare Act warrants continue to do so, under appointments made by the Director of Animal Welfare.

Question 5

I have no idea. You will need to address your question to LGNZ.

Question 6

This question is not a request for information but a request for the expression of an opinion.  No response is proposed..

Denis Sheard

General Counsel

DDI phone (09) 836 8004

Mobile phone 021 946 310

Fax (09) 836 8046

Email –

tomorrow.. my reply  and  the next  replies from Waitakere .. still waiting on  Minister f or local governemnt and   minister  of agriculture


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