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Open Letter to Paul Brown & Gerald Mc Ghie Transparency International

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This is an open letter which will be published on my blog.

It is  an open  letter in the interest of transparency.

I recently applied to become a member of transparency International using the document I downloaded from your site .  The information I provided you with is on that document.

The application form   provides an assurance that any one declined would be advised of the reason and that   declinature are reviewed at the AGM.

I attended your AGM, only to find that on the  agenda for the AGM no reference to  any declinatures was made , so how could my declinature be  reviewed?

I note that you have now changed your application form on line (and I also note that your on line rules and the rules made available at the meeting are different)  Where is your transparency ?

Without being given a reason I was asked to leave. On my way out I took the time to  explain  to  some of your members  why I was there   that in my line of work I see the reality  that transparency  it is  but a word  which is repeated  often but in reality  is an illusion and as such allows corruption to flourish.

I attended the AGM with Penny Bright and Vince Siemer  , this is the same Penny Bright  who is hailed  in  several of your publications  as an anti corruption campaigner and in  issue  October 2008 is acclaimed for seeking an independent commission against corruption

Vince Seimer,  like myself has been sued  for speaking the truth , both of us have  had penalties harsher than  any criminal could expect and have been denied the right to defend our truth in court. Vince has been to  Jail twice  for speaking the truth  and attempting to expose corruption. Our original innocence in believing we could question corruption has devastated our lives and ripped our families apart. We fell into this trap  because we were assured  that there was Transparency.

I was told by David Mac Donald that I was not welcome because of my association with other persons. ( what happened to freedom of association ) . Is it my association with these anti corruption campaigners or is it because I am ex police? Why is your decision making process  not transparent and where are your  guidelines for  criteria for membership?

Your  Annual report on page 3 states it is the role of TINZ to ensure that we expand the numbers playing the transparency  game . So How does one  qualify  to  become a member , if we don’t qualify  who does?

I noted the flyers on  the table and they state Corruption Ruins Lives Fight back  This is exactly what   we have been doing   yet you  do not  welcome us as part of your organisation?  Where are the guidelines from membership  when did we ask you to  take on our particular cases?  I  feel that we can contribute  with our knowledge to show  how  there is no transparency , and have to ask if  that is that what you are afraid of?

Your organisation   encourages people to question corruption yet you do not wish to hear of the obstacles they have encountered, the corruption which exists and the transparency which does not exist, where are your checks and balances to  verify that the work you are doing for the public funds you are receiving are actually  attaining  the objective?

Not wishing to be arrested , I  left  but  Penny and Vince stood their ground after all you had our  membership money  what is so secret that we could not  quietly attend  your meeting  you chose instead  to have Penny and Vince arrested for Trespass. FULL STORY LINK

There is a lot here which does not make sense and to all I have   told this story a response   involving the  word Hypocritical or derivatives there of  is  repeatedly heard.  I would have thought  that  you would have welcomed us with open arms, we are not  on about a single issue,  our  issue  is the corruption and lack of transparency  which  exists in new Zealand TODAY , we are the  foot soldiers  fighting corruption in the field  and you dare tell us that you only deal with  Corruption on a Macro level .

I would like you  to look  at this clip   this clip in my mind  brings home the reality of the situation.  I hope that I am wrong.   I suspect that you are but keeping an illusion of transparency alive and seriously question the vested interest you and your members have on keeping the  transparency perception alive  instead of allowing reality to be exposed.

In terms  of the privacy act  I would  like to have from you all information you obtained and collated  about  me   from which your board made a decision  to decline me   and I would  like to know  which  associations I   have  which render me  ineligible  for this fight  for transparency  and  against corruption .

I look forward to  your response

Grace Haden

Grace  at


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