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No reply from transparency International

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I am a Former Police officer ( Sergeant )  now a  Licensed  Private Investigator ,member of certified fraud examiners association .

I am a whistleblower  who has paid a very high price for  questioning corruption in New Zealand .   I have found it impossible to  question corruption  and found that the judicial system  protects white collar criminals  and that Transparency NZ prefers to remain  ignorant of the reality.

I have sent an open letter to  Transparency International NZ   and they have not replied  to my open  letter  which was sent to them and posted  here

What was I blowing the whistle on.. A Private law enforcement organisation which does not  exist.. it is founded on lies  to the minister – Lies  which the  Court condoned.

Why do they not reply  why are they ignoring  corruption in New Zealand ? why do they say fight it  then stand by as David takes on Goliath ?

The Transparency International web site   says

Who Should Join Transparency International (New Zealand)?

If you are concerned with issues of transparency, accountability and corruption both here in New Zealand and internationally, you should consider membership of Transparency International (New Zealand).

So please tell me why was I turned down for membership  and why will transparency NZ not  provide me with a   reply ?

Today we extend our questions over the ditch  and will be asking  our Australian  cousins if New Zealand TI is being transparent, Perhaps Australia can give their New Zealand associates a few tips on dealing with corruption .

In Australia  they   even have a page  devoted to Whistle blowing as follows

Introducing Whistleblowing

A number of useful weblinks and PDF downloads are available at the Quicklinks page below.

The Whistleblowing Quicklinks Page

Whistleblowing is one of the main means by which corruption is discovered, and as such is of interest to Transparency International and TI Australia. During 2001-2002 several high profile cases in the USA and Australia bought this subject again to public notice, and soon opinion and comment on the need for improved or additional protected disclosures legislation was being voiced.

So Why does transparency International New Zealand not want to know   of the problems  which Whistleblowers face and why do they ban whistleblowers from  joining ?. It is not that  I went to them  for help  , I went to them  to let them know of  the reality, the  issues the obstacles the costs  the lack of support,  so that others  would not have to endure the same.  If they do not  know  what is going on how can they aim to fix  anything.?  When things go wrong there is a lesson to be learnt, if the lesson is not learnt  others will suffer the same fate and other  families like mine will be torn apart.

Transparency New Zealand   there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see  nor those as deaf as those who do not  wish to hear.

If you choose to  remain ignorant of the micro problems  how could you possibly fix the macro ones?

I  am looking forward to hearing from you


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