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Reply from Mayor BOB does he condone corruption?

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From: Mayor Bob Harvey []
Sent: Friday, 18 December 2009 6:35 p.m.
To: Grace Haden;

Grace you must love this stuff..To be honest I am so over you and your battles… do me a huge favour take me off your list and your private hell…give peace and  honest people a rest.Happy New year Bob Harvey

From: Grace Haden []
Sent: Friday, 18 December 2009 10:36 p.m.
To: ‘Mayor Bob Harvey’

You have previously acknowledged that Wells is a colleague of yours from advertising days, You worked  together on the labour campaign that got the Kirk government into power.

Neil Wells Managed to get approval   for  his non existent   organisation when you were president of the Labour party .

It appears to me that you either trust him so much  you cannot see  the reality  with regard to  AWINZ  which he   controls and contracts to as Animal  welfare manager  or you know more and  just wish this would go away.

The OECD    defines contracting  under these circumstances as Corruption , but  it is good to see that Waitakere City condones  such practices. In any case   making an application to the minister  with false information  is surely not something to be defended? And why was I sued  for questioning  the false application , our courts are full of   lesser people  who have been charged and sentenced  for making  false claims  in applications to the government , why is this  one different?

I wish I had known that you condoned this practice  before  I asked questions about  it.  My Battles began when I was   sued for defamation  and prevented me form  having a defence of truth , my battle was to  prevent the loss of the vast sums  money which I  have had to pay to defend myself  against the action he took against me using charitable funds ( being public donations  from the residents of Waitakere ) This is called Slapp action overseas where there is legislation to protect whistle blowers.

I realise a lot of covering up has occurred and I also realise that to expose the true extent of this corruption will take many others with it   so the old boys have to work together to keep that woman quite.

The fact that  my family has been  torn apart  and I have lost everything I held  dear    only encourages me to speak out about this injustice , I have nothing to fear Bob  you have helped  and supported this process which has  taken everything I valued from me.  I have nothing else to lose  .

I will not  stand by  and see this happen to any one else,  too many people in Waitakere city  council have lost their jobs over this, it is time   that the corruption in your city is exposed. Your HR department has made good use of confidentiality agreements .. I am certain that AWINZ is  but the tip of the iceberg.

What this proves  is that in New Zealand we   keep our  least  Corrupt  status  by   silencing those who question corruption .

Bob – Mayors  should not be seen to condone corruption. Corruption  exists in new Zealand  it will only flourish if it is condoned.   I will post this   and your reply on my blog


Grace Haden

Proof that Mayor Bob  has been involved in this from the early days is found in this document  note the cc at the bottom


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