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Why don’t we Verifiy and deal with Facts

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I have had a call from a number of  RNZSPCA   inspectors  who have  voiced their concerns   that while those at the top  have holidays  and  are on an income  derived from donation , the  volunteers   i.e. those doing the work   get very little support .

This is in keeping with a trend which I have observed with  charities, both trusts and  incorporated societies.

I recently dealt with an incorporated society where  the   head was on $60,000 per annum and  was running about in a $40,000 car paid for the  by the incorporated society . It appears that tis lady  was ‘in  charge” of the entire set up having worked her way up from volunteer to a position where by she  could hire and fire the entire executive and select her own executive  who  had no idea what was going on  and  approved with everything  she put to them because of the trust they had in her.

There is something very wrong  with our set up for trusts and incorporated societies  ,sure there is now a register  but registers need to be more than that – no one apparenlty  verifies anything .

Had there been a verification process  an ‘ organisation”  like AWINZ would not have passed the test  it would have failed because

  • it  did not have a publicly available trust deed
  • was not incorporated
  • the trustees  did not sign the application to the minister
  • there was no evidence that those alleged trustees consented to any one  applying for “ the organisation “ to become approved
  • no one has apparently ever checked the minutes of the “ organisation”
  • The trust  according to evidence given in court ,does not meet. ( it is  not that kind of trust )

This brings me to the issue of trusts  there is  a huge amount of confusion behind them   . There are many people who sit on trusts  and the Auckland Air cadet trust is one of them    where by   one person takes charge  and the others  simply nod and give consent.

Very few trustees   or those on executives of incorporated societies know what  their legal roles are  . It is therefore   essential that any one  who wishes to be in control of a trust or incorporated society  had a group of “nodders”  and disposes quickly of any one  who  questions and  therefore threatens the control.

When action is commenced against a trustee or  an executive member   to remove them  the others  should question  and  not sit back and accept the unverified spin of the person  who is seeking to remove a member.

My company Verisure can help in situations like this   we  gather the information so that impartial  material is placed before the  meeting and  the facts examined rather than allowing some one to be bullied off the  organisation  .


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