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Whistleblowers checklist

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I found this  several years ago and have re discovered it

In my experience  this is  so true

  1. Am I in the position to know that what I see as fraud really is improper in the bigger picture?
  2. Can I prove my allegations with self-explanatory documents that don’t need my public explanation?
  3. Is my family prepared for the possibility of a negative high public profile?
  4. Are my family and I financially and mentally ready for a protracted fight to prove our suppositions?
  5. Am I mentally ready to have my neighbours and perhaps my friends turn against me because of my disclosures?
  6. Am I ready for personal attacks against my character and to have any past indiscretions made public?
  7. Am I sure that my motivations are to expose fraud for the right reasons and not just sour grapes, revenge, or public attention?

Source: taken from Whistleblowing Outlets Hillman Project September 1995

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