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A Herald item on the weekend alluded to  employees  who could not find their bosses who were the trustees of Mangere East Medical Care Services Trust (MET).

In reading the article you   can sense the despair of he employees  who  have no  idea  who is what. But the  good news for them is that all the trust   associated with the venture were incorporated.

This means   that there is a legal person   who they can   make  a claim of ,  through court.

But what would have happened if their employer was  AWINZ?     The news would not have been good because who would they   take to court.   Every one could duck for cover and say not me , I am no longer a trustee.

And because it is a private trust there is no obligation to show the minutes.

Accountability- zilch

In  2006 I  asked the  minister of Agriculture   what accountability AWINZ had since  it could not be identified as a  legal person. Accountability is required  by section  122 Animal welfare act because AWINZ is an approved organisation under the act  and has  the ability to   seize any ones  pet and  have it put down  if  they think  so.

That is what happened to Chloe the cat   whose  “dad “  asked me   for help .

Chloe  has been dead for 6 years now   and this cat  who I never knew   made  a massive impact on  my life   only because we asked for accountability  and here was none.

When questions are asked   and  the answers need to remain hidden  then apparently  attack is the best form of defence  and this is exactly what   Neil Wells, Wyn Hoadley and Graeme Coutts did as alleged  trustees of AWINZ.   Nuala Grove and sarah Giltrap  had the opportunity to speak up and say ” hey  thats not right’   but they chose to stay quite.

In my book those who  help conceal coruption as  as guilty as those  who commit the  corrupt act.  In my Policing days this was called  accessory after the fact.

will keep you posted.


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