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Whats happening in the Waikato RNZSPCA – Parallels with AWINZ?

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To get a perspective  on what is happening in Hamilton you need to  understand the structure of the RNZSPCA and SPCA

New Zealand structure RNZSPCA and SPCA  explained ( cut and  paste from the RNZSPCA web site )

The national governing body of the organisation is the National Council, elected at the AGM by representatives from the districts. Each of the 54 local SPCAs incorporates in its title the name of the district in which it operates. For example – the Waikato Branch RNZSPCA; Canterbury Branch RNZSPCA; and so on. Not all local SPCAs are “branches”. A small number are member societies, some the original ones from last century. These member societies do not use “RNZ” in their name (eg Wellington SPCA, Otago SPCA).
Each of the 54 local SPCAs runs its own affairs and handles its own finances. A voluntary committee controls the activities. The larger SPCAs have some paid staff, but most rely on unpaid personnel. Each has one or more warranted inspectors, paid or unpaid, to investigate complaints of cruelty and to enforce the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

So the structure for  Waikato  is

RNZSPCA-  national body   incorporated society

Waikato RNZSPCA  incorporated society

The Waikato SPCA  trust Charity Rules.pdf but these were amended  to this

So why has the Waikato RNZSPCA set up a  trust which represents the name of the older   societies  and why was  this  trust not incorporated for 5 years  after being set up  .

I have done some home work and found some more parallels with the Waikato RNZSPCA and AWINZ

In about 2000 The Waikato branch of the RNZSPCA was apparently told that the land they were on was to be rezoned and it would not be suitable to remain on the Higgins road property.

The property was  sold   and the proceeds of the sale and some extra  were given to a newly formed unincorporated trust  ( the deed of which  is similar to that  of AWINZ  in style )  .

The council  provided facilities for  the SPCA   to operate along  side their  dog and  stock control officers .

The RNZSPCA  Waikato  gifted in $397,547.00  to the  unincorporated trust   in 2000 which was composed of   trust  deed

  • The Waikato branch RNZSPCA Settlor
  • Derek Clive Dalton  agricultural scientist
  • Gavin James Shepherd  ( who I  believe is the vet who contracts to the SPCA.)
  • Neil Edward Wells- The man who set up AWINZ and wanted to integrate SPCA with councils
  • Gwendolen Garrick  ( now deceased )

A updated  deed was filed Amendment Of Trust Deed which included the newly appointed trustees  and two more to  replace  the councillor who  left council and  the  deceased  trustee

It now appears that  the incorporated society  is no longer a trustee  and so with a stroke of  the pen   some $400,000  has been moved from the   societies reach  and   into a trust which calls itself the SPCA. … dangerous  stuff I can see why the natives  are getting  restless.

But it appears that when any one opens their mouths  they too are dealt to like I was    on the Auckland Air cadet trust when Neil Wells    got rid of  me  by bad mouthing me and amending the trust deed  because I sought  accountability.

The Waikato SPCA  has been in the news of late.. more people need to speak up   there  is  strength in numbers

12/10/2009   SPCA concerns

22/10/2009 SPCA: benefactor’s cash safely invested

29/10/2009 AGM sideshow

18/11/2009 Money wasted

18/11/2009   SPCA bias

1/12/2009 Quick to blame

Keep those cards and letters  — and emails rolling folks  ,  information collated is a powerful tool

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