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Tom Didovich – the insider ?

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I am presently working on documents for my appeal  and am in the process of putting my chronology together.

It is funny how  every time you look at something   you see things which were not relevant before  but  in the light of new  information are like  seeing that piece of the jigsaw  which you  couldn’t see  for looking before.

What is happening in Waikato has parallels with Waitakere city.

The Question which has to be asked  is  What is the role of Tom Didovich and   why as  a manager of Animal welfare Waitakere  city  was he so heavily involved in the setting up of a trust  which he later became trustee of.

Tom Didovich had a conflict of interest in the setting up of AWINZ  and  that he in fact was the  person in council who facilitated  the “contracting to AWINZ ‘

He was aware of what was going on and in my observance and my opinion , if he  had been an astute impartial manager    he should have seen what was going on , but  the documents would indicate  that he was either    part of it or brain dead.

How many managers would allow  the staff under  their direct  supervision to be used    by an outside organisation without seeking approval  from the  top

How the concept  worked in  Waitakere is explained in this email” Inspectors will not be employed directly by AWINZ but will remain employed by their principal employer. When an Inspector is performing a function under the Animal Welfare Act 1999 he or she will be doing so on a voluntary basis. That is to say that the inspector will not be paid by  AWINZ for performing that function.”

Didovich in an affidavit to the court even admitted to  driving about  Auckland   and collecting he signatures of the trustees ( who didn’t meet  apart form maybe once  in 1998 )

Didovich was the interface with council ,the trusted  employee   who  worked with Neil Wells  on a project which  intended to set up  a national  animal welfare body which  interlaced with councils and was  eventually hopeful of taking over  the  assets  of the cities assets as  expressed  in  the application to the minister at point 7.

Change is brought about one step at a time  and it involves  suggesting things to parties  as if the idea  was fresh   new idea  when  in reality   it is a step in a  larger  well orchestrated plan

  • 14.4.98  Didovich is  advised of  a letter to MAF – in the letter a  supposed  statement is made “What if Waitakere City put its animal welfare and control services out for tender and a national charitable trust succeeded” The What if  being  a suggestion  when all along  the “what if “ is being planned for
  • But   the chronology and the invoice which  Didovich   approves for  public funds to be paid to NE Wells associates  for setting up a trust  shows that this concept had already been put to  council some four months earlier .
  • There was the discussion between Wells and Didovich   in an email dated 3 march 98 about the involvement of council officers in trust.  Which leaves you to  wonder why the council continued to pay for   matters relating to the trust and Why Tom Didovich continued to have a role  and even   applied for  funds for  AWINZ   from the  community well being fund

Catherine Smith ex president NZ Vet Association

Michael Scott Director of Operations Telecom

Neil Wells LLB Animal Welfare legal specialist

  • What is interesting here is   that  Michael Scott  went  on to  form two trust  with Neil Wells , ironically the name of one of those trusts was the national animal welfare trust which is   also  the name proposed  in this document which  was put to council  by its author Neil Wells “It is proposed that the “National Animal Welfare Trust of New Zealand” (which is referred to later in this document) is established under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.”

On that note I would love to hear from  Michael Scott or any one who knows him

  • Then there is the confidential  document 17 September 1998 from Didovich ,  passing on  the information  that Territorial authorities  will not be recognised in the Bill and the information is provided that there will be  “ approved organisations.
  • Why the confidentiality.. Neil Wells was employed at the time  as  an independent advisor of the select committee  and  Didovich had to steer the   concept through council to  circumvent the   issues  which got in the way.

Further points as raised before are that Tom Didovich wrote the minister  for and on behalf of North Shore. and Waitakere city.   Yet   the issue had never been put before  either council  and  the agreements  which  MAF believed would involve the cities  only went so far as to involve the manager of Animal welfare. – Again   we don’t verify- left hand does not  know what the  right hand is doing  thereby  opening the doors to    corrupt practices.

And  did the council care  well apparently not     their lawyer Denis Sheard  said I was sparring with shadows, Mayor Bob dismissed me as a fruitcake  and all the other councillors are silent on the issue.



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