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Open letter to Nuala Grove Sarah Giltrap and graham Coutts JP

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Nuala  Grove 47 The Strand Takapuna Auckland  0-9-486 0535 Facsimile 0-9-486 0735

Sarah Giltrap wife of Richard Giltrap ( director  of Giltrap Toyota etc ) residential  address 18 Bella Vista Road, Herne Bay,

Graeme John  Coutts JP  15A Saltaire St Avondale Auckland 09-820 2180  of Graeme Coutts Assocs Ltd

Together with Neil  Wells  Trustees of the Animal welfare institute of New Zeeland  by this trust deed.

This is an open letter asking information  from  all three of you,  the information I see  is in the public interest  and we  believe that everyone’s interest would be served if we could have an urgent  reply .

An  application was  made on your behalf  ( but without your apparent consent )  as  prospective trustees  for a trust which  you were to call  Animal welfare Institute of New Zealand to  become a law enforcement agency under the provisions of the animal welfare act. application. And for  funds  from the community well being fund. as well as  funds from the public purse.

You had  involvement in the  monitoring of the Lord of the rings  where you as a trust board  as AWINZ  must have authorised the end title which  the American humane association was to  claim as  false aha.pdf

You later obtained significant funding from  the lord which you took over  control of  .

As members of what is alleged to be a bona fide organisation, you must have been involved in the decisions pertaining to these issues and the inspectors under your control.

I am  seeking  minutes of the meeting of  your   organisation which show

  1. that  made decisions were made as a board
  2. dates of resignations  of  Nuala Grove and Sarah Giltrap
  3. Discussions with regards to engaging Nick Wright as solicitor to take  legal action against myself and a legally formed charitable trust .
  4. And what  arrangements were made to  fund the  litigation  out of the funds which  you had had entrusted to you .
  5. What action you took to ensure that  your trust was incorporated as claimed and   had the charitable status as claimed.

I would also like to know

  1. why you did not meet with  view of resolution
  2. why  you could not  even get together to sign the trust deed.
  3. What  financial arrangements you made about the bank account and why Mr Wells was the only name on  the bank account  which held significant  charitable funds  when at the time you  were not a body registered  with the IRD as being a charitable  entity.

I would like these supplied to me in a sworn form  as being  true.

I cannot understand why  I was sued  by   Neil Wells  Wyn Hoadley and Graham Coutts  claiming to be AWINZ at a time when I was provided  with  a trust deed that had your names on it .

There is no shame in being duped, but to stand by and watch some ones life be reduced to tatters and remain silent  is a sin   and it is not what  true humanitarians do .    If you hold the truth  you must step forward   because to stand by and watch me be beaten up through the courts  and my  family torn apart  makes you an accomplice to  this  whole  sorry saga . I will make copies of this publicly available in the interest of transparency

Grace Haden  see blog


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