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The problem with secret trusts. The irony: Daniel Grove seeks answers of one while concealing another for his mother .

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AWINZ was a secret trust in 2006   no one could see who the trustees were and  who operated the trust despite the fact that it played a public role and had public accountability .

In the past week this same issue has been highlighted with   Blue  chip    see herald item in that item  they quote  this conversation  between Bryers and Daniel Grove

Excerpt from Bryers’ interview, May 2008

Grove: “There is a reference in the accounts to a sum being owed by somebody called the Sebastian Trust. Do you know who that is?”

Bryers: “Yes I do.”

Grove: “What is the Sebastian Trust?”

Bryers: “Sebastian Trust is a trust relating to our family interests.”

Grove: “To your family interests?”

Bryers: “Yes.”

Grove: “Who are the trustees of the Sebastian Trust?”

Bryers: “Can’t recall offhand.”

Grove: “Are you a beneficiary of the trust?”

Bryers: “I can’t recall that either.”

Grove: “If we want to write to the Sebastian Trust, who do we write to?”

Bryers: “Well, I am happy to act as an authorised agent to receive information and receive any questions.

What is ironical  is that  Daniel Groves mother  Nuala Grove   was a “trustee” of  a trust which  equally could not be found    and this  Trust   using the trading name Animal welfare Institute of New Zealand   was involved

  • in law enforcement,
  • Prosecuted people and    deposited the funds into   a bank account    which was in the name  of the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand, when no such  entity existed ,
  • This same trust obtained and solicited donations  from other  trusts  and obtained in excess of $100,000 that we know of .
  • gave a false end title to the lord of the  rings,

Mrs Grove could   have  spoke up    with her concerns  if the activities of this trust were not comfortable to her, But she remained silent  while I was taken to  court  and   sued.

Mrs Grove told me that  she would only say that the signature on the trust deed was hers , she would  not say if it was put there in 2000  or  at some other time.

In the absence of any other proof  we can therefore only assume that  she signed it on the date stated   and we than  have to wonder why  she did not  attend meetings   and was not  actively  involved with the trust  which she supported by  lending her name and signature to  , a trust which  had significant  public responsibilities as described in this letter from MAF.

“The provision is  significant as, apart from MAF inspectors and police officers  only inspectors  appointed on the recommendation of approved organisations can exercise enforcement   powers under the Act. Some of those powers are significant as they include the ability to inspect premises without a search warrant and to execute search warrants without  the police being present. At  this. stage only the RNZSPCA is an approved organisation (through a transitional provision In the Act).”

This  same document  also describes   the functions  of AWINZ and how it came to be , it is even more significant  that   this trust was set up to  “ over come  the legal and policy issues that precluded  local authorities  having an animal welfare  enforcement role “( paragraph 9)

At the time  this letter was written   concerns were raise with regards  to accountability ( paragraph 10) .

Paragraph 12 makes the public implications clear   …  “A decisions to approve an organisation under the Act has significant public policy implications and. for this reason. It must be very clear whether the organisation has met the criteria. ”   How can something secret and invisible possibly have complied with accountability provisions?

Questions which need answers

  1. Why did Waitakere city pay to have the trust set up and why do they deny that operates seamlessly from their own facility?
  2. why did the labour party Cabinet  approve the application of a trust which    was invisible and  not incorporated  as it claimed to be
  3. Why were the trustees not actively  involved in the running of the trust
  4. Why are the trustees named on the  deed remaining  silent?  And assisting in what I believe to be a cover up
  5. Why  did Mrs Grove   sign the trust deed and say it is her signature  if she is not  a trustee
  6. Why as  trustee was  she not  carrying out her public duty as   to  the responsibility she took on as  being a trustee.
  7. Why did the minister of Agriculture  ( Anderton ) not see the   invisibility and lack of accountability a of this trust  as an issue of public concern when I raised it with him.
  8. How can Daniel Grove ask questions of Mr Bryers  invisible trust when  he appears to me  to be  assisting  in the  cover up of his mothers Invisible trust  ?

When a trust cannot be found   and the trustees cannot be identified  where is the accountability???

Why has it cost me so much  for asking the  questions   hey Isn’t this corrupt ????

In the end Bryers and Grove have something in common they  both   are keepers of secrets  behind  secret trusts .

The following is the correspondence  which  Daniel and I have exchanged

From: Grace Haden []
Sent: Thursday, 26 November 2009 8:55 a.m.
To: Daniel Grove; ‘Denis Sheard’; ‘Mayor Bob Harvey’; ‘Councillor Hulse’;;;;;;;
Subject: a blog which exposes corruption

Good morning all   please read this    It is  important to  you  and your client

For the past three years I have been held in court with litigation   taken against me by AWINZ in an attempt to  silence me.

The price I have paid for the injustice I have suffered  and for the crime of speaking the truth and   questioning corruption has been simply too high.

I am now left with  only one option but to take  this to the court of public opinion   in the form of a blog  which   each day exposes the players and their part

This afternoon  I will be adding another chapter.  Since this chapter  mentions you  or  in the case of lawyers    your clients I am advising you  of this fact before I post – the draft is attached

The link to the site is


Grace Haden

From: Daniel Grove []
Sent: Thursday, 26 November 2009 2:02 p.m.
To: Grace Haden
Subject: RE: a blog which exposes corruption

I refer to the email below.  I write on behalf of Nuala Grove and Sarah Giltrap.

Your article is defamatory and breaches the Privacy Act.  Your reference to Mrs Grove’s and Mrs Giltrap’s contact details and addresses is both surprising and concerning.  I assume that the reason you have included these private details is to assist third parties to locate my clients.  Your publication or their contact details appears, on its face, to be sinister.

Mr clients have no idea about your dispute with Mr Wells and do not want to be part of it.

I write to ask you to delete forthwith all references to my clients on the website.  If you are not prepared to do so voluntarily my clients will have to consider their positions.

Yours faithfully

Daniel Grove


Chancery Street Chambers

P O Box 130

Shortland Street


T + 64 9 362 0101

F + 64 9 362 0102

From: Grace Haden []
Sent: Thursday, 26 November 2009 3:31 p.m.
To: Daniel Grove
Subject: RE: a blog which exposes corruption

Thank you very much for your response

I believe that it is  important to  identify those  involved  with AWINZ . The  details I provided on the blog were obtained  from public sources and  there fore are not in breach of privacy .

People need to be accountable to the truth .  If they do not wish to be found  they should stay out of the phone book  and  off other public records.

Your clients are aware of the circumstances      and   chose to stand by while  I was under attack from those  who  sued me in the name of AWINZ, the trust  which  they are shown to be trustees of(  and  there is  no record of them having resigned from .)

If you could please supply me   with evidence that they were not members of AWINZ at that time and had resigned   and

If you  could please point out   that which you consider to be defamatory   I will happily amend  the blog

For the record  I   had spoken to your mother about her signature on the trust deed , I asked your mother a simple question as to when she had signed the trust deed   she told me  that all she could say was that it was her signature.

I was wanting to find out if the deed  was signed in 2000 or some  later time and retrospectively dated.

Her truth  will make a lot of difference to many people , what has she  got to hide?

I will be posting these  emails on the blog .


Grace Haden

From: Daniel Grove []
Sent: Thursday, 26 November 2009 3:38 p.m.
To: Grace Haden
Subject: RE: a blog which exposes corruption

Neither my mother nor Sarah Giltrap have anything to do with your dispute with Mr Wells. They do not know what it is about and do not want anything to do with it.

I fail to see why you are involving them in this matter.  They have no interest in getting involved in litigation, however, if defamatory comments are published by you, an appropriate application will be made to the Court.


Chancery Street Chambers

P O Box 130

Shortland Street


T + 64 9 362 0101

F + 64 9 362 0102

Daniel Grove   Misses the point, when people sign a trust deed and become trustees  they take on responsibilities  in this case extensive legislative ones.

If they were aware of their responsibilities then they should have acted  responsibly, If they were unaware of the  wide public  implications and were duped then they should speak up .

Both Women Knew  what was  going on, I made certain that they   knew , they   chose  to use  the option of  distancing themselves  from anything smelly, this was never about Neil wells  this was about accountability of AWINZ    soemthing  which they had put their names to  and the only visible person being  Neil Wells

Nuala Grove and Sarah Giltrap  are both mothers  , presumably they   are humanitarian people  becuase they  joined a ” trust ” which   cared for  animals , but   do they care about other peoples families.   Is it  just part of the elite stiff upper lip   and pretences syndrome?

Well ladies  you got yourselves into something smelly when  you become trustees and allowed people to use your name  to become a public law enforcement  authority, if you did not consent to it  you shoudl have used the  influence of your laweyrs to  have distanced yourselves from it.

There is of course the   possibility that they did not sign the document  in which case  it should  be  fornesically examined.. But Mrs Grove  has already told me  the signature is hers.

If they did sign them then  they could explain

  1. why there are now two deeds.
  2. why they sign a trust deed  for  an organisation and   then are not actively  involved.
  3. If they did sign in 2000  when  did they resign
  4. what  did they think   trustees of an approved Organisation did?
  5. why they pretend to  be ignorant  of the fact that I was sued in the name of AWINZ and that Brookfield  lawyers  were  invoicing AWINZ for suing me  before   any other trust deed was signed.
  6. Are Nuala Grove and Sarah Giltrap were real  humanitarians
  7. would a real humanitarian  the   walk away  and leave some one to be beaten  up  when they  know they can help? ..

Blessed are those who hide  behind lawyers   for they are the ones with something to hide.


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