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Submissions too hot for select committee and rejected unlawfully

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Andy    was my submission to the select committee  on animal welfare  rejected    because of  practices by the ” independent ” adviser  who I believe  gained a  personal advantage of the bill he wrote and advised on ? Because he uses the legislation to  prosecute and  bring in revenue for his  non existent Organisation AWINZ

I refer to standing order 232  Standing Orders of the House of Representatives – 2008

232 Irrelevant or unjustified allegations

When a witness gives evidence that contains an allegation that

may seriously damage the reputation of a person and the select

committee is not satisfied that that evidence is relevant to its

proceedings or is satisfied that the evidence creates a risk of harm

to that person, which risk exceeds the benefit of the evidence, the

committee will give consideration—

(a) to returning any written evidence and requesting that it be

resubmitted without the offending material:

(b) to expunging that evidence from any transcript of evidence:

(c) to seeking an order of the House preventing the disclosure

of that evidence.

I note that on the parliamentary web site it appears to be the current rules of the house

I have  gone to great  detail to prove   everything that  I have put  before the select committee  with  documents  which substantiate every claim  I have  made in my  submission , the comments are valid to the legislation  being considered My  submission is posted at yet the committee  claims that my  submission will be rejected By stating   The committee will therefore not be accepting your submission, and it will be deleting your submission from its permanent record in accordance with Standing Order 232.”

In reading 232   it appears that there is no power for the select committee to  reject my submission .  I note that the provisions of section 233  and 234   give the select committee scope to deal with the matter

I note that  I  could have been asked to resubmit   my submission  but chose instead to avail themselves of something which was  not  written in the rules.

It is in the  publics interest  that the matters raised in the submission are considered  because the  public  need to have  the events which I described mitigated.

I believe this is a serious matter of pubic concern  as Mr Wells   was an independent advisor to the select committee in  when this act was considered , he  had also written the   first bill for the act  and   subsequently  used the provisions for the act  for  his own business venture

It  is  apparent   with hindsight that  Wells had self serving interest  at the time  that he was  an “ independent “ advisor  and  therefore was not  Independent.    I have no doubt that Mr Wells would have lobbied for  these Higher penalties  which are now being considered.

I believe that I make  very valid points with regards to the lack of transparency of the enforcement of   Animal welfare  law and it has to be of note that  Mr Wells contributed significantly to the   Mens Rae component   being removed form  the  legislation making animal welfare  offences strict liability  .. you own the animal , it suffered  you are guilty.. no defence .  Now we follow that with lets increase the penalties.

Since posting my submission on my blog  I have been approached  by  persons internationally who have concerns about the wide sweeping powers of  animal welfare inspectors   and the high penalties which are applied to  persons  who love their animals  and  are deemed because of the  lack of the intent  provisions to be allowing their animals to suffer. It appears that  those  with money are being targeted to supplement the income of   animal welfare charities  world  wide.   It is not  about   animal welfare it  is about  revenue collecting.   The evidence I provide is relevant.

I would  like my submission to be dealt with in accordance with the rules ,I cannot help that my submission contains serious  allegations  they are the truth  ,they are factual  matters  and  matters   which  should be taken into consideration   by a country which   is perceived as  the least corrupt.

It is even more serious that I have  paid such a high price for  questioning these facts  and that  no one seems to care a dam

this is the   content of the letter  fromt he seelct committee

18 March 2010
Grace Haden
Dear Ms Haden
Animal Welfare Amendment Bill
The Primary Production Committee has considered your submission relating to the
above bill and notes that it raises issues of natural justice by making serious
allegations against an individual you identify as the Manager of Animal Welfare in
Waitakere City.
The conunittee is not satisfied that the issues raised in your submission are relevant to
the bill, and believes that the risk of serious harm to that person’s reputation exceeds
the benefit to the committee of hearing such evidence.
The committee will therefore not be accepting your submission, and it will be deleting
your submission from its permanent record in accordance with Standing Order 232.
Should you have any concerns about the process the committee has followed please
contact the Clerk of Committee, Andy Gardner, on 04 817 9522, or at
Yours sincerely
Shane Ardern
Primary Production Committee


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  1. I dont believe what I am reading. Good on you for posting for all to see. I too am having problems with the animal welfare act and CHCH SPCA and the RNZSPCA. We have no one in NZ to look out for our animals and this fraud you are talking about is just another piece of the puzzel as far as I can see, the SPCA plead poverty but I hear stories of this person and that person donating, but there never seems to be any money for the animals that need there help. .I have posted your blog on our neglect page and it is now up on trademe, the more people that see this the better. Keep up the great work, you have my support

    Comment by Nikki Subritzky — 06/04/2010 @ 11:20 am

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