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Truth can not harm a persons character – why is select committee defensive

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Here with  the latest exchange from the select committee.   I have not  made any comments  I have merely supplied   evidence of   real events . If we do not wish to accept  that such things can occur   how can we  legislate to prevent  it from occurring? or do we as a nation through those who make  our laws   condone corrupt practices

New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

14 Freedom of expression
  • Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

We should not live in fear  of speaking  the truth , if New Zealand had  ratified the  united nations convention  against corruption false claims of defamation  could not be brought  least of all succeed without any proof.

I would like you  to look  at this clip , I wonder if our “ watchdogs will get such a reprimand one day.  Why  is one persons reputation   so valuable  when  hos own actions have tarnished  it.

I have a  simple  philosophy   if you don’t like people speaking the truth about your actions  then perhaps you need to look at your actions.  Don’t do that which  you feel is a blot on your   good name..   Those who act  corruptly   need to be exposed  not protected.

From: Andy Gardner []
Sent: Tuesday, 23 March 2010 1:15 p.m.
To: ‘Grace Haden’
Subject: RE: submission re higher penalties in animal welfare act rejected.. is it because I question the corrupt practices in animal welfare?

Ms Hadden,

The committee’s decision to return your submission was due to its determination that the issues you raise are not relevant to the bill, and that the risk of harm to an identified person’s reputation exceeds the benefit of the committee hearing your evidence.

In returning your submission, it is not possible for you to make an appearance before the committee during its consideration of this bill.

I also note in your email below that you say that you have posted your submission on your blogsite. To do so is entirely your decision, but you should be aware that the submission is not protected by Parliamentary privilege and that you are liable for any statements contained within it.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Gardner

Thank You Andy

I have trouble comprehending that  my submissions are not relevant to the bill and it would appear to me that 232   does not  give the  ability  for  my  submission to be thrown out .

The    Bill calls for higher penalties for animal welfare offences.  Is it  then not appropriate  to look at who enforces the legislation     and who profits  by it.  There are dangers  associated with increasing penalties  if the issues I have raised are not considered.

You cannot mitigate the unforeseeable  but when   something is known to have occurred and makes an impact on the legislation you are looking at changing  , then the good and  the bad need to be considered.

My  life has been devastated by the fact that I sought accountability of  an “organisation” which  enforced animal welfare  legislation.  There was no transparency or accountability   But the select committee are prepared to go ahead and consider this penalty change without looking at the dangers of doing so.

I have brought  factual matters to the attention of the select committee , without comment,  All I have done is brought  the physical evidence   yet that  is not enough. We would rather pretend  that    this does not occur  and allow it to  continue  than to  take notice of it and consider the  loop holes and legislate to ensure  that there is transparency and accountability .

Those who enforce  a law should be accountable to the law  and there should not be an ability for a private prosecuting authority  to have such wide sweeping powers   and have no accountability.

New Zealand wishes to ratify the  united nations convention against corruption  and to do so they have to consider issues such as those which I have raised , It appears that the select committee are prepared to turn a blind  eye to the fact that they have employed a person  to advise them in an “ independent “ capacity   who then  put the legislation  he advised on for his own  use. I realise that  it has to be an embarrassment to admit that this has  happened  and that is why it  is easier to stand by an  see my  life devastated than to act responsibly.

It is not as if Mr Wells   set up   his approved organisation  was an after thought , the evidence shows that  the idea  came first and  that he wrote the legislation to accommodate it  , what was done   was premeditated  and planned.

The  “organisation”   which was set up as an approved body   uses council employees  , paid for  through the public purse to  Volunteer their paid time   to enforce the law   which you are seeking to increase the penalties for .penalties which ultimately  could   be awarded   back to the  “ organisation” which took the  prosecution.

The animal welfare  Inspectors  have wide sweeping  powers but  have no transparency and accountability and I have illustrated this  by  using the example of my own profession which has no powers   yet has extreme accountability. Their accountability should be  at least the same as  we are subjected to  ensure that they are  properly accountable to the law they enforce, laws which call for significant periods of  imprisonment.

I would have thought that it would  be negligent of all those considering   this legislative change   to cast aside  submissions  which   suggest that the increase of penalties may  be unsafe to the  public.

The select committee has to be aware that the  legislation was written by some one  who   had a vested interest in  seeing the  legislation pass with as little accountability as possible and that that person was an advisor who  as it turned out was not independent at all.

I request under the urgency provisions  of the Official information act to   be advised of the names of those who were present  when the decision was made to    throw my submission out without  giving me an opportunity to  rewrite the submission.  I hope  that they appreciate  the fact that had I written the submission without  any evidence  they would probably not have believed me  , I  would be happy for them to consider my submission  but not put the matter on the public file  , truth  is  truth, I cannot change it  and when people cannot  bring truth to a select committee it is time for us to  take a long  hard look at ourselves.

I would also lie to know  what  legal advise was provided by crown  law  with regards to this  submission , please provide a copy of that advice.

I believe that this is  required in the interest of openness and transparency.

Grace Haden


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