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Why does auditor general not care if some one writes legislation for their own use?

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Privacy act request  Office of the auditor general

Since December 2009 I have written two open letter to the auditor generals office  they are posted on my blog

The first was a request an investigation, to which I have not had a reply until now

the second  was an official information act request

The reply I received today   was simple , It may as well have said  get stuffed.  It did not   contain the usual   rights to take the matter to the Ombudsmen   and  it appears that the auditor generals office has    instead made  enquiries   about me  and got it terribly wrong.

The letter purportedly written by Nicola White was signed by Barbara  Grey  .

In the letter it states “We note that the High Court also found no substance to your concerns, when it considered these mailers and awarded damages against you in defamation in 2008.”

I would  like to   take this opportunity to advise you that the decision is under appeal , There is also an application for Judicial review.  There was never a decision that I had defamed any one   and no determination has ever  been made  that there was no substance  to my concerns.

I have  at all times been denied a defence  and    what I have  said has been the truth ( and actually proved in court that it was true- truth is never defamation  ) , that aside  in my  latest open letter I asked  questions   by way of an  official information act request regarding the ability of some one  writing  legislation to   put it to   their own use.  The evidence is there in black and white and that has nothing to do with any defamation claim.

I am now curious as to where you sourced your  very inaccurate information from  and pursuant to the privacy act I request for all  letters correspondence , documents  and  reports which  you hold and or have compiled  and which relate to me.

I ask for these documents so that I  can  see what information you hold  so that I can correct    that information.. which  so obviously is wrong. I believe that the privacy act makes allowances  for  such action.

I will also  forward this to the ombudsmen as a request   to obtain answers to the  questions which I have   put.

This letter will be posted on my  anti corruption  blog


Grace Haden

Phone (09) 520 1815
mobile 027 286 8239
visit us at

From: Barbara Gray []
Sent: Monday, 12 April 2010 1:14 p.m.
Subject: Letter from Nicola White

Barbara Gray

PA to Bruce Robertson

Assistant Auditor-General, Local Government

Office of the Auditor-General

P O Box 3928


DDI 04 917 1531


From: []

Sent: Monday, 12 April 2010 1:14 p.m.

To: Barbara Gray

Subject: Scanned document from OAGL2FOUR

Document  located at    note the efficiency  it was dated 14 April  recievd in an email on the 12th.. and these people  are auditors!!!


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