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Do we have the right to speak and seek the truth ?

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Four years ago  I asked some questions about  the animal welfare institute of new Zealand.(AWINZ)

It plays a public role in law enforcement and   contracts to Central and Local Government. And has obtained significant  public funds through  a fundraising campaign using  council logos,  with which they have sued me  in an attempt  to silence me .

I proved categorically that this “organisation’ did not exist as a legal person in its own right and was nothing more than a trading name for one person.

In four years of questioning accountability with the crown   nothing has been done . Rodney Hide the Mp for local government and  my local MP  who    helped me before the last elections  now claims through his staff  that there is a conflict of   interest.

Does this mean that the crown condones the use of fictitious organisations?

Why can’t I get a reply  from the Ombudsmen   why is the office of the auditor general  dismissing me   when they should be asking questions  why  the  government and local government  contracted to a trading name .

Why does the government condone some one writing legislation for   their own business ventures?

Why do truth and honest play such small roles  and  why are persons  such as myself persecuted for speaking and seeking the truth.

Do we condone  the  use of  fictitious names ? If so why don’t we all start using trading names?

For your next contract   you could be  Peter Pan , Mary Poppins   it appears that it is acceptable to  Government  after all if it is OK  by the auditor general for Waitakere city  and MAF to  contract to a fiction  why can’t  we  each become one .. one  rule  for all  is what I say !

How can New Zealand  be the least corrupt  if we condone the use  of fictional names?


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