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Serious misinformation to the select committee.

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While my submissions to the select committee were too hot to handle the select committee did accept  advice from Maf which   led them to report Some of us are concerned that there are only five full-time Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry inspectors in New Zealand to undertake prosecutions for animal cruelty and there are insufficient resources to pursue all cases of cruelty, with 92 percent of complaints made to the SPCA.”

I have previously commented on  this ,  and  decided to make an official information act request  which  came back today

This is what the  director general of  MAF  reported back

“ There are currently 441 animal welfare inspectors and auxiliary officers appointed under the animal welfare act , on a range of dates between 2007-2010 as  follows

95 inspectors and 54 auxiliary officers appointed on the recommendation  of the Royal New Zealand SPCA.

9 inspectors appointed on the recommendation of AWINZ

29 animal welfare investigators employed by MAF

254 animal welfare investigators employed by  the NZFSA “

I have since found a  document produced  By the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry dated which states

“The Government announced on 25 March 2010 that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) and

the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) will be amalgamated to form a single agency, which

will begin with the establishment of a single legal entity on 1 July 2010.”

It goes on to say the following

Animal Welfare: Besides the intrinsic value associated with animal welfare (that is, protecting animals from harm), it is also becoming an increasingly important aspect in international trade and for gaining market access. We will work to increase the attention paid to animal welfare by the primary sector, supported by a greater effort going into education, compliance and enforcement activities.

What I would  like to  know is why was this information not before the select committee   why did the select committee  believe that there are only 5   full time  animal welfare inspectors when there  are in reality  so many more?

Any one wishing the a copy of the full OIA reply can email me  grace   at Verisure


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