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Does the Government condone misinformation

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Official information act request  Minister of Agriculture – open letter  and for the information of those on the select committee

While I  was  prevented from putting factual material before the select committee it appears that   others took the opportunity to  seriously mislead the  committee.

There  is a significant difference between the committee  believing that there were only 5 full  time animal welfare inspectors  to the reality   which  has  been revealed to me by way of OIA  in which it transpires that there are  441 inspectors and auxiliary inspectors.

Even AWINZ,  an organisation  which  does not exist  as a legal person  and is founded and continued to exist on lies  has 9  animal welfare   officers .

Over the past four years I have  been questioning how a nonexistent organisation can  appoint inspectors  and   have accountability for the inspectors it appoints. In four years all I  have had is  spin and bullshit  which is exactly what it appears  the select committee has been fed as well .In the past   four years the government has proved to me through its in action  that  it condones the provision of   false information  to  ministers and  while  the rest of us are accountable to the truth , it appears that  there is no requirement to be truthful with those in power .

My OIA to the minister is

  1. Please provide all documentation and records which seek to explain  why   the select committee were advised that  there were only 7 FTE animal welfare officers in Maf  when  it is clear from  the OI I have received that  MAF had 9 and   the NZFTA has  254 .
  1. What verification did the  MAF advisors carry out to ensure that the information they provided to the select committee was correct.
  1. Who  were the advisors  who  had input to the advice  documents to the select committee .
  1. I have been advised that  it would be a breach of privacy to  provide names of all those who are animal welfare inspectors, there are  however many registers of people , motor vehicle dealers , private investigators, company directors  , mortgage brokers , lawyers  etc,  But we have  people who are not employed by the government  who  enforce the  animal welfare law  who are completely anonymous and it appears that we are not allowed to know who they are , please provide all discussion papers , documents  reports and notes which discus  or investigate  the need to withhold the names of those who are appointed as animal welfare inspectors under the act  , and how this impacts on privacy  and  transparency .
  1. Please provide copies of  any documentation available to the public  which  would advise the of how they could make a complaint  with regards to any animal welfare inspector and provide directions as to how an animal welfare inspector is identified  since there is no provision in the act for them to be identified or produce evidence of being an inspector unless  they are entering a property without warrant.
  1. Please provide all documents  and notes which gave consideration  by MAF to the accountability of  inspectors who have been recommended for appointment through an organisation which does  not exist  or  of any inspector who cannot be identified  due to  there not being a requirement to give their name let alone the name of their organisation.
  1. With regards to appointment of inspectors recommended  by the RNZSPCA   please provide the  policy which sets out the  what verification process  and requirements for a recommended person to be  appointed as an inspector.
  1. With regards to the RNZSPCA   which is  an approved organisation . It appears that  those who have attempted to become an approved organisation  in their own right  and failed have now   attained that status by coming under  the umbrella of the SPCA , which in my mind is  second tier delegation . please provide all documentation and reports which have considered the implications of  member organisations of the RNZSPCA taking on  subsidiaries  which then in turn come under the RNZSPCA umbrella , Please also provide documents which  show that Maf have considered  howl this  seemingly endless network can be controlled and managed and if  this has been considered please provide the documentation outlining  the  control measures and policies .
  1. I am  referring in particular to the international league of horses  which applied to become an approved organisation and failed.  It now has an inspector  , it changed its name to  SPCA AUCKLAND HORSE WELFARE AUXILIARY INCORPORATED   and comes under the umbrella of the Auckland spca  which is a member  of the RNZSPCA   .
  1. Section 189 Animal welfare act states that The organisation known as the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Incorporated is an approved organisation for the purposes of this Act. Section 190   of the act relates the  branches and   member societies .  Both these sections come under transitional  provisions.
    1. Please provide a copy of  any MOU  or agreement  that  MAF has with the RNZSPCA
  1. It has now been  10 years   since the act came into existence , Please provide all documents and correspondence between MAF and the RNZSPCA  which  show  the RNZSPCA  advising MAF  of any  changes in member societies  and  branches  in that time .
  1. Please advise how long the transitional  measures are going to continue .
  1. I  am a verification specialist and  notice that there has now be a trend by  MAF to call the RNZSPCA  the Royal new Zealand SPCA , there  appears to be general confusion as to who or what  the SPCA is  .
  1. The RNZSPA   uses the trademark SPCA
  1. A number of charitable trusts also  use the names SPCA  some of these are not listed as  member  societies or branches of the RNZSPCA

1237606                OTAGO SPCA CHARITABLE TRUST             CHARTR


885875            THE AUCKLAND SPCA TRUST            CHARTR



1701086                THE WAIKATO SPCA TRUST          CHARTR

216718                  UPPER HUTT SPCA INCORPORATED         INCSOC

  1. Please provide  a copy of all correspondence  between MAF  and the RNZSPCA  which  addresses the  rights that the RNZSPCA    enforces and controls  the  use of the name SPCA  and  any documentation defining how the RNZSPCA  considers and assesses  an organisation to become  a member society.
  1. I believe that this is important as the RNZSPCA can choose not to enforce the use of its trade mark and therefore any one could set up using the name SPCA  and be presumed by the public  to be a member society or approved organisation.
  1. Since the  delegation of  legal   responsibility is done through  the RNZSPCA      what checks and balances  does  the minister have in place with  the RNZSPCA  to ensure that  transparency and integrity is  preserved. Please provide all  correspondence relating to the   guide lines by which  the RNZSPCA  can  recommend inspectors for  member societies and branches.

I request this information  in the public interest to ensure that transparency and accountability is preserved.

A copy of this  will be posted on .



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