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There is profit in animals

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profit in animals poster By author of Animal Welfare legislation NE Wells

Saw last night  that the Wellington SPCA  was giving away cats and kittens.. could the new no kill policy have something  to do with over crowding and lack of  common sense.   There are  animals   which  simply no one will want  and forcing people to take  cats home to look after them will only serve to increase the feral population.

Dont get me wrong  I am a cat lover  but I have had  Toms burst through my cat flap and torment my cats, eat my rabbit  and guinea pigs. There are animals which  are a nuisance.

What I see happening is that while we are giving away we are increasing the number of people  who could be  prosecuted for not  looking after them properly.

For proof of the  focus on prosecution   see this Herald article.

Mean while  I am trying to contact as many  former SPCA & RNZSPCA  officers as possible   we will have information which will help us all.

Its good to see others getting vocal  and also  see  what his honesty cost him   this is the price of  freedom of speech  High legal costs could deter ERA complaints – union



  1. Rubbish. The cats offered for adoption are de-sexed so how can they increase the feral population?
    The cats that can’t be re-homed are euthanased.
    The reason the SPCA is having difficulty finding homes is because they’re charging too much and making adoption too difficult, especially in these straitened times.
    Why would you pay $200 for a kitten from the SPCA when you can get one free out of the local rag? Those are the ones that are at risk of increasing the feral population and spreading disease.
    The no-kill concept is about facilitating adoptions. It’s about focusing on what you can do instead of what you can’t. It’s about marketing those animals just as a retailer markets merchandise instead of sitting on your bum moaning about the numbers and the expense and waiting for kill day.
    And before you jump up and down about the cost of doing business at the SPCA (or any other mismanaged shelter pleading poverty) just have a look at some of the salaries and perks enjoyed by the executive and then try to tell me they can’t afford to make a better job of advertising and marketing the animals dependent upon them for their last chance at a life.

    Comment by Karen — 11/06/2010 @ 8:03 pm

  2. Thank you Karen Yes I am aware that the cats offered for adoption are desexed but when word gets out that the RNZSPCA or SPCA is at capacity and that people have been asked to take cats home then the message which comes through is that it is a wasted trip taking the animal in in the first place .

    I know from firsthand experience that cats are regularly dumped in parks these cats generally toms torment other cats and lay the foundations for an explosion in the cat population .

    There is no reason why the SPCA can’t have a policy where by only healthy nice cats are adopted out and those with a personality disorder or illness are put out of their misery.

    We adopted a SPCA cat once and our old cat ended up being sick, I have heard that snuffles is rife at the SPCA at times. , we have since adopted cats from private individuals and have had cats free of disease.

    It has to be made easy for people to bring cats in , the SPCA has more money than it lets on , most of it moved sideways into trusts .

    The day of the volunteer is dead and everything is about making a buck ,that is why those who are dedicated and gave their time freely are given a hard time and driven out so that those with $$$ in their eyes can take over.

    Comment by anticorruptionnz — 11/06/2010 @ 8:47 pm

  3. You’re failing to make the distinction between de-sexed cats made available by the SPCA and feral cats dumped by people who don’t de-sex their pets and create the feral cat problem.

    Rhinotracheitis (‘snuffles’) – treatable disease – has always been rife in kitten mills, hoarding situations and feral/stray populations which are the most common source of cats taken in by the SPCA. If your cat got sick from exposure to an adoptee I wonder if your cat was up to date with his/her vaccinations?

    The scenario you describe of volunteers being driven out and money spent on anything but animal welfare and no-kill initiatives sounds decidedly like the scenario at Tomkins County (and many, many others) before Nathan Wingorad took over and transmogrified that certain death scenario into no-kill overnight.

    Here is an article by Valerie Hayes who was a volunteer at Tomkins County pre- and post Nathan:–one-volunteers-view-of-a-shelters-transition-to-No-Kill?cid=examiner-email

    And another by Nathan himself about the resistance of the ‘Old Guard’ to no-kill and why:

    Where there is a will there is a way, they say. It’s not that these shelters can’t make the necessary changes to their culture, it’s that they won’t.

    Not spending the money and not having the money to spend are NOT the same. I would suggest that donors have a good look at where their money is spent and upon whom.

    Comment by Karen — 11/06/2010 @ 9:26 pm

  4. Thank You Karen there are lots of views on these issues as much as I love animals I believe that there should never be a time when their rights exceed those of people.

    It would just be wonderful if all the rights we wish to afford animals were afforded to Humans first.

    I have great difficulty in comprehending that those who claim they do not kill euthanize or for want of any other word put an end to animal’s lives, can treat fellow humans so cruelly.

    This is not an ideal world as the ANZ illustrates in their ad, we could make it better by being humane first of all to people then to animals.

    Comment by anticorruptionnz — 12/06/2010 @ 1:31 am

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