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Both  transparency International   and united nations  encourage people  to speak out against corruption.   One definition of  corruption is  the use of public office for private gain.

Mr Wells manager of   dog and stock control Waitakere contracts to AWINZ  ( animal welfare institute of new Zealand ) for animal welfare services . AWINZ is akin to the RNZSPCA and has law enforcement powers. But unlike the RNZSPCA, AWINZ  does not employ inspectors  it  uses the  council staff  under Mr Wells supervision  who “ volunteer “ their  council paid time while  enforcing dog and stock control  and while using the  council resources while Mr. Wells administered the bank account into which the fines and donations were banked..

Wells applied for AWINZ to become an “approved organisation”   under the animal welfare act 1999  a statute which he had written the bill for ,He was further an advisor to MAF an independent advisor to the select committee which  discussed the legislation

In 2006  I innocently questioned the existence of AWINZ  which   did not  appear on  any register despite  Mr Wells having assured the minister in 1999 that  the trust had a deed and was in the process of being  registered under the charitable trust act. In further communication in 2000 he told the minister he couldn’t send him a copy of the deed because  it was  being sent off for registration .

I proved categorically that these claims were false. There were no trust deeds on file and no record of an “organisation “ called Animal welfare institute of New Zealand .

My  investigations   in 2006 showed that AWINZ was no more than a trading name for Mr Wells . Since that finding never before seen documents came to light   and a trust has been created with new members to  give legitimacy  however they  refuse to give proof of  any  legal basis for their  claim as to being a trust  prior to  December 2006 .

Defamation is very hard to defend when your defence is struck out   and your truth is considered defamatory  you   simply stand no chance.

Defamation notoriously precede the discovery of many of our great frauds world wide   it is a well known  tactic to silence those who  hold the truth.

The cost for speaking the truth is far more than any criminal would   suffer. And when  you are attacked  using charitable funds    it becomes  very expensive to  defend   the truth.

Whatever happened to the freedom of speech and our right to question?  Corruption will surely flourish.

Corruption will flourish when good men stand by and do nothing.  A copy of this  will be published on my blog


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