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NBR took down my post

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Yesterday I posted onthe NBR   today it was removed  I have therefore   placed a further   reply on thier  site  as follows

Corruption will flourish when good men stand by and do nothing

The citizens of NZ have to wake up  as to how dangerous our defamation law is.

It appears that it is enough for the  party alleging defamation to say    hey what she said  is defamatory without  proving that  what was said was untrue and should have been known by the person making the statement to be untrue.

It appears that tactics rather than evidence wins defamation cases. It is hard to believe   that my truth was not accepted even though I had documentary evidence and Mr Wells was believed without corroboration.

Both transparency International   and united nations encourage people to speak out against corruption.   One definition of corruption is the use of public office for private gain. I identified such a situation and asked questions of council and government and for that was accused of defamation.

Apparently it is Ok   for someone to have a business plan and write the legislation  to facilitate it  and it  is OK   for someone to run a  private SPCA   from council premises using council staff and facilities and collect donations using a logo which is identical to that on the building and bank it into  an account only they control.

Fortunately the donations  went to good use they paid for the court proceedings   which saw $57,000 awarded  to Mr Wells .

John Davies and Marianne Thompson made false claims in their CV . Mr Wells said a trust existed when it has been proved that didn’t but the judge excused it saying Mr. wells got ahead of himself.    It  is very hard to determine  who will   be condoned   and who will be prosecuted  .

I recommend that  if any one sees anything  questionable   just close your eyes and keep walking  you cannot afford to question  anything .

Corruption will flourish when good men stand by and do nothing.  But if you do do something  .. even as simple as raise questions – your life will surely  change dramatically.

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