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email to the editor NBR- lets have the truth

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I would  like to   take this opportunity to   advise you of  the inaccuracy of the reporting of Jock Anderson on the defamation issue relating to  myself and Mr wells

I have posted replies on your site only to see them taken down again. What has happened to me has to be of concern to the average new Zealander .. the right to speak the truth.

Jock Anderson is apparently being  sued By Eugine Orlov  My lawyer.. that has nothing to do  with me  and I do  not wish to be involved.

Jock in his second article starts off “Flames of a bitter defamation which accused Waitakere city councillor and animal loving lawyer Neil Wells of conspiracy, fraud, misappropriation and embezzlement were fanned again in the High Court at Auckland.”

  1. Mr Wells is not a city councillor
  2. I  have not been  taken to  court for  accusing Mr wells of conspiracy, fraud, misappropriation and embezzlement.
  3. The contents of the statement of claim in so far as the    statements I made have in fact all been proved to be true.

Also the three people who claimed to be trustees of AWINZ had no proof  at all that  they were .  Much  of the background information  in the Statement of claim is fictional and is not reflected  in the documents I have  since obtained from MAF.

The miscarriage of justice is that   I have never been found guilty of defaming Mr Wells  , My defence was struck out  by careful legal manipulation  and Mr Wells never proved that what I said was  untrue or   that I knew   that my statements were untrue.

I questioned corruption  being  that a  person in public office    contracts to himself  using the staff under his control to  obtain funds for his unseen trust  to which only he   controlled the bank account.

While   my truth was  called lies    Mr  wells uncorroborated statements   have been accepted  simply on his say so . It appears that  being a barrister is enough to be believed  but  as an Investigator & former police sergeant armed with  mountains of evidence  I    am considered a liar.

I have  further proved that this man  had a business plan   and  wrote legislation  for it  even advising  the select committee and MAf  during the transition of the bill  into law .   I have a lot of FACTUAL information   on my blog  including how to  write legislation for your own business plan How to get your litigation funded through the public purse and

I would imagine that many new Zealanders would be shocked to find that you can have your life devastated because you  question the   activities of something which  appears not to exist. And when that nonexistent trust  enforces the law   we have  a duty to ask.  If we all turn a blind eye then corruption will surely flourish.

But apparently if  you  re create a trust and take legal action to discredit the person  who raises the questions  you are home and hosed.  The proof  in civil cases is  far less than in criminal cases  and in my case the proof that I defamed  Mr Wells is non existent.   Truth is never defamatory  If you don’t like people  speaking the truth  try acting  differently .

Your articles are far more defamatory of me  than what I ever said about Mr Wells    all I invite you to do is to   have a reporter contact me and I  will take them through the shocking evidence which I have.. all obtained from official sources.

The truth will  come out    and I invite your paper to   ensure that it is reported   truthfully and accurately .

I will be posting    this  email to you on  my blog

I hope the NBR is as interested in facts as they  should be .


Grace Haden


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