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Verification of facts and accountability to the truth in our courts needs addressing.

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On 3rd july I sent the following email   addressed to the  Attorney General  and others

Corruption in New Zealand is alive and well as long as we continue to beat up those who speak  out.

I hope  Vince’s  incarceration  can serve as precedent  ..

Remember the old saying “sticks and stones will break my bones  and words will never hurt me”

Well if  Vince has been ordered to Pay $940,000   because some ones feelings were hurt because he spoke the truth     and  then  is repeatedly sent to jail for defying  the court    can you imagine   the penalties  which we could get from violent offenders, habitual  criminals  and repeated drunk drivers

I actually don’t know why we bother with crimes act offences.. deal with everything  in the civil section,  No proof, no evidence  , no rights    and penalties  which no criminal offending could even get close to .

I know   Vince did not have the ability to defend his truth , neither did  I.

Like him I questioned what  I saw as a  corrupt practice     but apparently if someone   who has lots of buddies in high places  does  something naughty  it’s Ok  and   the person questioning  gets  done in the courts  –  its common practice and  it is  accepted worldwide  .

Even Madoff  used that trick.. see people  who have been successful  at being naughty have  lots of money  to throw at the courts  to silence those who could expose them.  But our system allows that  we condone corruption to the extent that those who speak out are treated harsher than criminals.

Easier to shut up the  whistleblower than deal with the  issue.     And Evidence.. well the civil court doesn’t need any – the uncorroborated evidence of  the plaintiff is as good as gold.  And if you tell the court  you are exposing corruption the court says  there you have it  proof of defamation. …..

I see parallels with  the Madoff  matter and invite you  to  look at this clip of a congressman   reprimanding  government servants  for their inaptitude.  New Zealand is no different.

There is a lot wrong   with our defamation laws   and the way the court deals with them. And the manner in which  it prevents  ordinary new Zealanders from questioning what they believe are corrupt practices.

Whistleblowers expose themselves to high personal risks in order to protect the public good. …They often end up in years of legal litigation, fighting for their own rights or for the case they have disclosed to be adequately investigated source Transparency international


Grace Haden

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I have recieved this reply Attorney General

I have  followed this up with  the following

Thank You  Mr Finlayson

I   do hope that   you have  closer look at what is happening in our courts generally .   This week a woman is being sentenced for  fraudulent business practices.  Lynne Pryor   and her associate  Terry Hay ( who has absconded from our laws   but was still able to use our  courts to pursue me )  caused extreme stress to me by  bringing malicious charges, defending these  malicious charges  cost me some $50,000 .

Because our courts do not   function on verified fact  and  do not hold any one accountable for perjury  they have become a very good tool to  use by the rich to beat up those  who  have limited resources. Why use a base ball bat to beat someone up when you can  cause great stress over  many years and even bankrupt a person so that they cannot fight  back.

I consider this a gross  abuse of  our courts system. It can be easily overcome  by holding people including lawyers accountable to the truth  .

In the case of Fresh prepared Limited  I  could prove that the lawyers  who represented  the company had  used these tactic before.  I can prove this using the judges  decisions  who said that they had used the scorched earth policy   and had used  over the top actions.  This was in a case  which led  to my investigations into a   director and liquidator  who did not   exist.

Boss invents accountant to escape $60k debt
Sunday, May 30, 2010
Terry Hay has fled the country but his business partner, Lynne Pryor, 45, has pleaded guilty to one charge of carrying on business fraudulently after an

Charges over alleged fake liquidator
Saturday, July 12, 2008
Lynne Pryor has been charged with 22 counts of attempting to defraud creditors and the Companies Office, by using false documents to create a false director

As a former Police prosecutor and  lay litigant I did not stand a chance in court, judges simply prefer to believe the so called officers of the court .Yet on the other hand  you hear that every lawyer lies  and that  this is a well known fact ( that statement came from a lawyer ) .

I was taken to court for Harassment. I had never seen  spoken to or  been near Terry  Hay , My crime was to try to  find the director and liquidator .

While the court had difficulty  accepting that a liquidator could   fictitious they  did not hesitate to  issue restraining order against me   when no evidence existed.

I am a verification specialist  and see that the issue we have in our legal system as in many government departments is that we do not know how to verify .

Anyone can file anything in our courts   there needs to be a requirement where by   lawyers  need to certify the truth of their clients  claims  and that the claim is  being brought correctly . Litigants in person  need to  do this as well.

Secondly any one swearing any  statutory declaration ,affidavit or giving sworn evidence  needs to be held accountable to the truth.

Currently it is accepted that people tell lies in courts   if the judges  make decisions on lies  then how sound are those decisions  and what does it do for justice.

Good decisions cannot  be made on fiction . And when  there is no accountability to the truth you  will not get the truth .

I can provide you with examples to  illustrate  that fictitious claims are brought to  court,  there are even fictitious litigants  .

The  police do not action perjury complaints, I know that because I have provided them with a very thick file  with a ton of evidence  yet  this is not enough to  counter  an uncorroborated statement in court.

The law society is less than Useless   complaints  against lawyers are simply not investigated.

It is time that we realise that lawyers are not investigators   and the Law society   does a very good job of looking after its own, occasionally it will hang out to  dry a lawyer who  they wish to dispose of  as an example  that they  are doing their  job.

Middle income New Zealand has no access  to justice  the court is being used as a bullying exercise , it is currently cheaper to  submit to unjustified demands than to stand up for your rights.

Those who are honest do not stand a chance in our courts     as the truth  is  inflexible and  a good manufactured story always wins out on the day. Doesn’t matter if the facts  don’t fit  no one will check and  no amount of proof  will be enough to prove  perjury.

Until our courts  ask for  evidence and insist on something more than the uncorroborated evidence of the person who stands to gain there will never be justice.

I am happy to  come to Wellington to meet with you and   guide you or your advisors through  the issues which I have experienced in my personal and professional capacity.


Grace Haden

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