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Did the RSPCA drive a man to suicide?

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An item in the Telegraph today entitled Did the RSPCA drive a man to suicide? Is worthy of taking note of…..

Several times in recent years I have reported on the change which has come over one of Britain’s richest charities, the RSPCA. Its officials too often seem bent on harrying genuine animal lovers, luridly misrepresenting alleged cases of cruelty in order to win the publicity which will keep funds rolling in, to the tune of some £115 million a year. MORE..

This comes on top of the call this week in  Australia to have their  powers limited

This is why we need to be concerned with the lack of transparency  of the SPCA/RNZSPCA / Royal New Zealand SPCA.

I remember returning home to NZ many years ago and being thankful that unlike  the UK and many other countries , we had no  beggars, our central cities  had parking  without  fear of  being fined if you were a few minutes  late. But  eventually all that changed and I have learnt over the years that what happens overseas will happen here.. monkey see monkey do.

I can assure you the same  is occurring in New Zealand I have become aware of  people who have lost  their animals  ..which have a good resale value  and  these have been on sold  all to line the coffers of  the organisation which seized the animals all with the pretence  and without proof that the animals were neglected or ill treated.  These raid  come with  publicity which   draw attention to the need for  donations, often the SPCA has been aware of  the situation but has delayed action  so that  the animals are seen in a worse condition, when early intervention could have  mitigated suffering.

Others are raided and given trial by press before they can even go to court , under threat of  massive  bills for  keeping the animals  , owners are asked to sign them over the the SPCA   after whcih they  are sold.

And while the RNZSPCA claims to be one organisation  they   are never one organisation when it comes  to financial  resources and  plead poverty .

I have it on good authority that when money is left to the SPCA or RNZSPCA in a  bequest  the various organisations  fight over it.

There are in reality Many SPCA and RNZSPCA trusts and societies   and  I caution any one leaving or donating money to them   that  by giving it to the SPCA may not   ensure  that it goes where you want it to go.

On the poverty  front  visit the  Charities  register have a look at the various SPCA  RNZSPCA societies   and just see how much   they are worth.. those with   the most, and those with ceo’s and administrative staff  plead poverty more than those with just a handful of volunteers and a un paid inspector who struggle on struggle on in the true spirit of what we perceive the SPCA / RNZSPCA to be.

When those who pretend to care about animals deal with people in such a way that they   bully and intimidate then we have to step back and question   just what the motives are.

Internationally the Animal Welfare $$$$$$ enterprise is riddled with corruption ; this greed puts people’s lives at stake …as much as I love animals I believe that people should be treated fairly and with integrity because if you cannot  deal with your  fellow-man  in this manner then  your dealings with animals  must also be questioned.

WARNING .. IF your animals are seized by  The RNZSPCA  never  sign  an agreement to sign them over to them.  They have no legal right to get you to do this.  They have a court process which they need to go through.

Unfortunately the sympathy of the courts is so much   on the side of the RNZSPCA that they can tell the court almost anything and be believed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me I can put you in touch with others who can help you prove similar fact evidence.

Whatever happens remember  you are not alone.



  1. Thank you for sending me this blog. I have had little time to do much of anything other than care for the horses in my care over the past few months. I read the two articles and the memories of my struggle came back to me in full force. It is time to take up the reins again so to speak and move forward. A better, honest animal welfare system is needed worldwide not just here in NZ.

    Comment by Nikki — 01/08/2010 @ 2:10 am

    • Thank You Nikki

      It appears that only people who have had firsthand experience are aware of the situation others will follow when it hits them personally and then it will be too late.

      This is not something any one can do on their own, It is very time consuming but we need Government to wake up and launch an enquiry.

      Comment by anticorruptionnz — 01/08/2010 @ 3:53 am

  2. Amen, I agree! Keep up the good work of informing others. I have worked for an SPCA in the United States. These organizations that have no center to monitor, regulate or over see them. This is left to each individual state..we know how effective that is. Where is the govenment you ask? What government..this is the United States.The majority of SPCAs here are run by wealthy folks with no professional experience or training in animal care yet they feel they hold the immaculent right to govern others…this including: the general public, licensed veterinarians, trainers, groomers etc. I have seen animals kept under deplorable conditions, public & animal health & safety compromised. But abuse of power is not limited to the general public & the professional sector…just talk to the employees & volunteers. It’s all about the adminstrative ego, social status & greed. The SPCA started as a noble & just organization what has developed since the 1800s is nothing short of a crime at the expense of innocent animals & well meaning people. I’m on board with Nikki A better world-wide animal welfare system is needed. I’m a well seasoned veteran in the animal care field & need a job….let’s start today!

    Comment by Mary — 08/12/2011 @ 6:18 am

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