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The dangers of SPCA law enforcement

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The legal fraternity has taken up animal rights activism with payments for whistleblowers, writes Michael Duffy.…. You can tell a cause is getting serious when the lawyers become involved. This is now happening with animal rights, where growing legal interest plus a healthy fighting fund – including the whistleblowers’ fee – look like producing a new era of court action.”

There has to be a lesson in this   whatever happens overseas will soon be occurring here or is already happening but is being concealed through  all sorts of methods.

There are several good sites which show  just  how long this has been going on overseas  especially the UK  one of them is   which list  the following

TIME FOR A REVIEW OF ANIMAL CHARITY’S BULLYBOY TACTICS ? this site is regularly updates and  very worthy of a visit  t  see the reality of what is occurring



The RSPCA have a conviction for Perverting the Course of Justice

Make Money the RSPCA way

Birds were ‘sexually frustrated’ court told Parrot owners cleared of mistreating birds

Two years and £50,000 later, ordeal of policeman who put dying cat out of its misery is finally over

The SHG The Self Help Group for Farmers, Pet Owners and Others
Experiencing Difficulties with the RSPCA (The SHG) are also  worth referring to .

My Question

Do we wait until it is too late or do we  look at the changes which are happening  here right now and say Oh my gosh  things are changing  into the beast which exists in  the UK .

The UK SPCA  has no special powers according  to these sites  , but ours have  . The legislation was written by a former RNZSPCA president  and a man who wrote the legislation with his  own SPCA type organisation in mind.  The legislation is dangerous  and all pet owners  should be concerned.


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