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Read the emails that may take down the chief justice

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The NBR have released the emails which  show  what really goes on in the back ground  of New Zealand’s judiciary .

The NBR article  revealed that top commercial lawyer Jim Farmer QC and retired Court of Appeal judge Sir Ted Thomas were in regular contact during an appeal of a decision Justice Wilson was part of.

I have posted a reply as follows  “For too long NZ had hidden behind the facade of being the  least corrupt    I  Like Vince am a victim of  a justice system which   does not require truth or  evidence   and  happily denies  those  exposing corruption  the right to a defence.

The corrupt with connections to the old boys club  can  mislead the court and no matter  how much evidence you have there will never be enough to prove  perjury  .

You need only look at the data which  I have obtained by OIA and posted on my web site  under the  same title as this NBR  article, to see that we are soft of  truth.

White collar criminals are actively using the court to conceal corruption, last week a woman was convicted  and fined $18,000 for  fraudulently running a business.   Her false claims against me   cost much more to defend . Her associate a business partner of a Director of the chamber  of commerce  financed the proceedings  , he has skipped the county  avoiding 22 charges of  fabricating evidence which have been brought  by the MED.

I found it impossible to complain about the lawyers who   facilitated the court action and who were criticised by  judges on several occasions.  The law society is actively protecting them and refuses to investigate.

For any one  , especially those  well connected to the old boys network  it is  worth  while suing the person who could expose you   and that will give you  many years   to cover up .

When there is no accountability to the truth   there  is no justice

Our Government by refusing to ratify the  UN  convention against corruption is unwittingly condoning corruption  . Hope fully this will become an election issue.

Grace Haden

Transparency New Zealand”

It will no doubt be removed  which is what  appears to happen to  my posts of late  which can only suggest that the NBR has given little thought to corruption.

The data which I refer to is perjury data

From my calculation   and leaving out the figures on obstructing justice   there is one prosecution  every four days   for telling lies.

According to statistics NZ there are currently 4,371,442 people in New Zealand   which means that  your chance of being prosecuted for  lies  is   only  1 in 17,485,768.

Compare this to  your chance of winning lotto as being 1 in 3,838,380 see source

Hope that puts it into perspective.


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