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what is the expected standard of an SPCA inspector?

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On 27 July I requested information from  MAF with  regards to Jim Boyd  a RNZSPA inspector and   member of the Royal New Zealand SPCA national council .

I had been told that there were serious allegations  against Jim Boyd .

I  received the    response from Maf re RNZSPCA Jim Boyd

I  cannot believe  that despite  5 people  voicing their concerns  and  some of them saying they are so appalled   they stopped donating  and  an other  felt they could not become  an inspector that the SPCA has  done nothing.

I have broken the  document down into the various parts   giving transcriptions of the interviews with regards to the actions of  Jim Boyd .

One needs only to read these  statements to  draw their own  conclusions.

this is followed by Jim Boyds explanation through his  lawyer Simon Meikle .

May I suggest that  any one  charged with an animal welfare offence  refers to  these statements.

It would appear that whilst an inspector can accuse any one of anything and have it stand in court –  their accountability to the law is a lot less.

These documents are well worth reading

allegations warranted MAF – inspector ( Jim Boyd ) summary from investigators

transcript informant

transcript Member of Public

transcript past field officer

transcript past office manager

transcript spca worker

transcript past warranted inspector

complaint re dog

and this is the reply by SPCA inspector Boyds lawyer   Simon Meikle

If any one is charged with an offence  under the animal welfare act   please employ me and I will    locate and interview  any of these people  so that they can give evidence on your behalf   so that the standards of animal  abuse can be   judged against the actions  or is that lack of action  of  some SPCA inspectors .

It would appear that   The SPCA  did not forward the detailed information, on which   Simon based  his assessment,  to MAF  for had they done so  it would have been   supplied  to me as part of this OIA.

Jim Boyd is from the Bay of Islands SPCA  he has travelled the country to  take charge of   action against animal owners.


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