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Will Hoadley expose or conceal corruption?

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Wyn Hoadley is standing for Thames Ward Thames-Coromandel District Council and Waitemata District Health Board

I  have asked the following questions of her    any one wishing to see the court documents and evidence   can contact me.

Four years ago  I asked questions  about AWINZ ( Animal welfare Institute  of new Zealand ) seeking accountability. Your involvement with  AWINZ is documented   here .

AWINZ is a law enforcement body  just like the RNZSPCA  but unlike the RNZSPCA or any member  or branch it  did not exist beyond a private trust.  See About AWINZ – Animal welfare institute of New Zealand

AWINZ  using  flyers signed by you as chairwoman  ,  collects donations   for the work which it does  in Waitakere  city  using the council dog and stock control officers to  do ” voluntary work ” paid for  by the rate payer, using council plant,  vehicles and resources  .  for this trust whose CEO is also the  manager animal welfare Waitakere  and effectively both parties to the  contract  .

Mr Wells  with  whom you   signed a trust deed  (six months after commencing litigation and in what I see as a  cover up )  contributed heavily to the   writing   and advice on  this  legislation  which  was by all appearances to facilitate  the business plan he had in 1996.

You did not provide any opportunity for resolution outside the court  and  when I spoke to you and requested that the trustees of both trust should meet.  You told me that you were not  the messenger-this was odd due to your supposed designation as chair person, while you have no other proof than your own assertion that you were a trustee at that time .

You sued me and have over the past four year  together with Wells and Coutts not relented, this has  seen  me striped of my family and  life’s savings  and  damaged my   business and reputation .

In view of  the manner in which you have dealt with me and  the AWINZ cover up  I was wondering what your views are  with regards to

  1. Dispute resolution  is court the only way  and  why resort to  heavy handed tactics when other avenues are available.
  2. The action against me was funded  through  the public purse by way of charitable funds,  would you  similarly use health board and council funds to    silence any one who spoke up about an issue of public concern.
  3. What  will you implement   to prevent Corrupt practices,  that is The use of one’s occupation for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse or misapplication of the employing organization’s resources or assets.”  E.g write legislation for your own business plan . will you condone this as you have condoned  and supported AWINZ’s activities?
  4. What are  your views on Whistleblowers –  people  who  try to alert  the authorities to a corrupt practice.. should you listen to them or silence them  with crippling unrelenting court action  or should you meet and listen to them.?
  5. Will you be  looking  at Privatisation of dog and stock control,,  are you working with the RNZSPCA, I believe the local branch has already been  taken over by their head office paving the way for  the next step
  6. What anti fraud and corruption will you be putting in place to ensure that     public money and resources are not  wasted.
  7. What transparency measures will you be putting in place for public private relationships  .

Wyn I look forward to hearing from you I believe that  it is in the public interest that you are consistent with your  actions and your views.


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