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Minister of Police is kept in the dark -cops fabricating offences is condoned

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In early October I sent a letter to  the minister of Police   after I  had received a ticket for a fabricated offence offence which I defended in court and  for which the police later acknowledged they had no evidence for .

I sent an open letter to  Judith Collins in  which I boldly stated “I expect that you will just cast this aside and I will never hear again”  How true

I  did however receive this  email on Mon 11/10/2010 3:38 p.m.  claiming that it had been sent on to the commissioner of police

Well    three weeks later and not a word   obviously  cops fabricated offences is condoned.

Dear Ms Haden

Please find attached a response letter from the Office of the Minister of Police.

Yours sincerely

**** this was left blank ****

Sent of behalf of:

Inspector Scott Spackman

Police Private Secretary I Office of the Hon Judith Collins MP I

Parliament Buildings I Private Bag 18041 I Wellington 6160

attached a response letter as  below

11 October 2010 Ref: Min 10 / P / 1418

Ms Grace Haden

Dear Ms Haden

The Hon Judith Collins, Minister of Police, has asked me to acknowledge and thank you for your correspondence of 5 October 2010 concerning an infringement notice issued by police.

Your correspondence relates to matters that are the responsibility of the Commissioner of Police. I must point out that politicians cannot instruct Police in operational or employment matters.  This is a long standing convention that was enshrined in law with the passing of the Policing Act 2008.  It ensures that law enforcement and investigation by the Police remain free of any political influence or interference.

I have therefore referred your correspondence to the office of the Commissioner of Police for consideration.

Yours sincerely

******This was not even signed *****

Inspector Scott Spackman

Police Private Secretary


my reply  2/11/2010

Dear  minister.

Several month ago I wrote to you about a ticket which I had received in the Waikato, I had asked  the police a number of time to review the  claim as  I  knew there was no evidence .

I defended it in court  and won because surprisingly there was no evidence.

I made a complaint to the IPCA  who decided that counselling the cop was sufficient.

I  wrote to you because I have this strange notion that cops should be honest.

I received an unsigned  letter  purportedly from Inspector Spackman  stating  that   this was no concern for you and that  it  has been  forwarded to the commissioner.

I  do find this unusual  because I would   have thought that  the performance and  the manner in which the police conduct themselves would  be a matter for the minister.

I therefore ask that this letter be brought to your personal attention  .  I  am posting  this with the other back ground information on  my blog site


Grace Haden


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