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Wilson home for crippled children .. which trust is what?

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Several years ago I  became involved on a pro bono basis  for the parents  of the children at the  Wilson home for crippled children

a group of people who had taken over the management of the  place were looking at  splitting off and on selling part of the land

what I did  was to unspin the  documents which had been  placed before the  parents  so that the  reality shone through

this is the documentation  they supplied wilson home flyer

I located the following

  1. Wilson home trust deed
  2. Local Legislation Act 1949 No 31
  3. Local Legislation Act 1949 No 35
  4. JUDGMENT OF LAURENSON J Wilson home trust

The following is what I unspun It is provided as a PDF  with  the comments in red THE ORIGINAL LEGACY with my notes in red

There is now a Wilson Home Trust set up on the charities register   and  it shows this as the deed amended deed

What is significant is the  confusion which is created with regards to a trust, the  trustees for the  Wilson home trust certainly are not  those set down by the original deed   and  those who took  it to court for  amendment  were not  the trustees named int he deed either.

It is interesting that  the person who asked questions  about  the process promptly lost his job…  it is what we do to whistleblowers in New Zealand.


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