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whistleblowers in New Zealand get no protection.

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Subject: whistleblowers in New Zealand get no protection thereby protecting NZ’s least corrupt status .


Open letter to transparency New Zealand  .. What protection do Whistle blowers get ???

Good morning Alex

You may remember me I am  a fellow member of the association   certified Fraud examiners  and  a  corruption whistleblower.

I  am writing to you  in your role of director of Transparency International.


I am not wishing any assistance from you with my   personal  case but wish to express to you the issues  which I have faced over the  past 4 ½ years since asking what I thought were some simple  questions of public  accountability of a  private law enforcement “ organisation”. Background to my case is on see the INDEX for  specific headings

The best form of  defence  is attack  and those seeking to  conceal the corruption attacked me in the civil jurisdiction.  I have been financially drained , they have had me in bankruptcy   my family has been torn  apart.. I am sure that you  will know the symptoms  it is classic  of what Whistle blowers endure.  We need only look at  case studies of high profile fraud cases  which   all start by attacking  and discrediting the whistleblower.

My Issue  is that   I have  over that time been unsuccessful in getting any one   in  government  to act. I have   been everywhere and all I get is  walls to knock my head up against.  I know I am not alone   I know of others who experience the same.

New Zealand cannot  keep on pretending that there is no  corruption  by simply  making it impossible for people to expose it .

By allowing corruption to be concealed we are creating a breeding ground for  corruption which  left unchecked will be uncontrollable.

I have just returned from the ACFE conference in Melbourne   and there whistleblowers were recognised as the No  1 means by which  fraud and corrupt practices were exposed. Yet in New Zealand we have no protection  for  persons  such a as my self  as I am not protected by the   protected  disclosures act.

New Zealand has signed but  not ratified the UN Convention against corruption.   Had we signed it  the convention would  provide  protection.

Could you please advise  what Transparency International ( New Zealand) is doing  in creating corruption awareness  in the government sector  and  providing  protection to persons  such as myself.

Do you have any plans to put  effective systems in place where by those who   wish to question corrupt practices  are not left on their own to be crucified by those  who can attack them using a bottomless pit of  charitable dollars and legal  expertise.

Had I been a criminal   I would have served my time by now  , instead this is my 5th Christmas where I am fighting court decisions which through the  cunning  manipulation of the  court process by those seeking to conceal their  corrupt practice  have sought to  deny me my basic   human rights of a fair hearing and a right to justice .

For your information  My matter is of gross public interest and strikes at the heart of State capture  and  public private  relationships  where by a person in public office was acting in circumstances as  defined by the UN as  using a  public office for private gain.  What makes it worse  is that this man even wrote the legislation to facilitate it.

I have no doubt is the tip of the ice berg

I look forward to your response and a way forward so that others  do not have to endure   what I am going through.


Grace Haden


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