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Open letter to Kerre Woodham

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I am most disappointed in   your article about Ken Ring.
I am a private investigator and deal with facts I have also had the privilege of meeting Ken .

Ken is made out to be some kind of mystical Warlock who gazes into a crystal bowl  and predicted an earthquake this is so untrue .

Ken lived in a campervan form many years  and observed nature  by living in it . He noted the tides connections with the moon and the weather and from there on connected many other things.

Rather than being taught in a university of a structure of how things work, Ken has been a free thinker and unconstrained by previous theories which limit scientists thinking .

He is not the one  who took his   findings of a higher than usual  potential for earth quakes to the  masses  , that was done by the media .

To me it seem s incredible that he has been crucified over this when other more serious matters are ignored.

I spoke  up about a law enforcement authority  which did not exist  – I was  the one  who was crucified .. where was the press to get that story out.. they   have kept quite on that issue  and it makes me believe that  there is powerful manipulation  going on in the back ground  to ensure that the public only hears  what  the  powers that be  want to   have them hear.

Ken is an incredible  man great wisdom all learnt in the school of life , he is not a conformist  and for that   he needs to be punished just as I  had to be punished  for  saying  Hey its not right that the man who  wrote legislation also enforces it.

The press have done huge  damage to kens life  and reputation  and when I look at your comments   they are far worse than  what I  said   when I  questioned corruption and was taken to court for defamation.

I had my defence denied  and there was never a finding that  I had spoken anything but the truth  or my honest opinion , I was effectively sentenced   without a trial or formal proof , it has cost me my marriage   pulled my family apart, been more stressful than anything I have ever experienced   and cost a huge amount of money   .

I did nothing but speak the truth .

I realise that  you may have given your  opinion  but your opinion was unfair to Ken  and based on  my experience he has  the right to take you to court for  defamation too  and if he uses the same corrupt lawyers  as were used against me  then you don’t stand a chance .

I simply cant understand  why   the media has been so outspoken against him when  persons who have misled the public  so seriously as the person  who I spoke up against   are kept out of the  lime light  and their corrupt actions are seemingly  condoned.

Ken  has done no more than  express his opinion from his experience.. he has been crucified for it..  and look he was right  what if there   had been a loss of life  because those who do not understand his methods  discredited him.

In the end Mother nature rules.. he did no more than interpret her signs.

I saw corruption  and questioned it .. It would appear that the public are not entitled to protection .


how transparent is the super city ?

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Is  the super city an excuse to bury the past  while   continuing the same practices  of the past?

I contacted the  Ceo of the city   and asked if I could meet  him with regards to anticorruption measures     but  he did not even reply    now my Official Information act request Auckland film studios has come back with a total decline.

What I suspect is that  there is a lot more to this than meets the  eye  , I hope that I have not just been  fibbed off   I sincerely hope that the information is  withheld so that they can conduct a proper investigation my opinion it needs it.

Tine will tell if corruption is condoned.


too close to the truth

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Over the past 4 1/2 years I have been involved in litigation  , it certainly was not what I  had experienced in our courts  when I was a police prosecutor. But then I did leave in 1989.

It appears that in the civil jurisdiction  no evidence is needed at all  as in my case  I was taken to court for defamation.. for speaking the truth.. for trying to  ask  questions as to why a non existent organisation   had law enforcement powers.

Defamation was never proved.  the only evidence the court relied on was my affidavit in mitigation of damages  which  unfortunately   by its nature  shows that the complainant is not worthy of  his word.

in producing that document the  court  judged me  as continuing to defame  when there has never been a decision that I  did no more than  speak the truth.

My affidavit in mitigation of damages is found here  Grace Haden Affidavit and affidavit 29 feb

The statement of claim was never proved  the copy I have  with comments is located here Statement of Claim with comments

A friend  who knows  what I have endured  sent me this – apart from the sexual references  it could fit the scenario  of my case .

Please do not be fooled  by New Zealand’s least corrupt status , this video  can also apply here, please note  it does not  apply to all judges   or  all  lawyers  but it does happen.

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