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too close to the truth

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Over the past 4 1/2 years I have been involved in litigation  , it certainly was not what I  had experienced in our courts  when I was a police prosecutor. But then I did leave in 1989.

It appears that in the civil jurisdiction  no evidence is needed at all  as in my case  I was taken to court for defamation.. for speaking the truth.. for trying to  ask  questions as to why a non existent organisation   had law enforcement powers.

Defamation was never proved.  the only evidence the court relied on was my affidavit in mitigation of damages  which  unfortunately   by its nature  shows that the complainant is not worthy of  his word.

in producing that document the  court  judged me  as continuing to defame  when there has never been a decision that I  did no more than  speak the truth.

My affidavit in mitigation of damages is found here  Grace Haden Affidavit and affidavit 29 feb

The statement of claim was never proved  the copy I have  with comments is located here Statement of Claim with comments

A friend  who knows  what I have endured  sent me this – apart from the sexual references  it could fit the scenario  of my case .

Please do not be fooled  by New Zealand’s least corrupt status , this video  can also apply here, please note  it does not  apply to all judges   or  all  lawyers  but it does happen.

legal exec talks about justice



  1. Grace, you are correct about the common misconception that NZ is not corrupt. Today, on the same day of your post above, a former ACC property manager who accepted a $160,000 bribe and a $9,000 holiday to Singapore was sentenced to a paltry 11 months home detention.

    I wish someone would bribe me with $160,000 and I would happily stay at home for a year.

    This was a golden opportunity for the Courts to denounce and deter corruption within the Public Service by handing down a significant custodial sentence.

    This sentence shows just how out-of-touch the judiciary are in this country.

    Comment by Jayne — 15/03/2011 @ 4:53 pm

  2. Grace, as another long-standing friend who has been experiencing your pain alongside you, I think you are far more intelligent than the law makers and gatherers. I get it – but very few others do! As you explain, there is a bucket for red things and a bucket for white things, and you came along with a pink thing, and no-one has a bucket for it, so they say it doesn’t exist. Justice is not a fair system in this country when it ignores the pink things.

    Comment by Helen Wenley — 16/03/2011 @ 8:28 am

  3. I quite agree with the above comments. The law needs a complete overhaul, so that the “pink” areas can be fitted in. I don’t know much (if any) about the law, but it really is an ass! AND, anyone reading the papers on some of these cases should know that all they read is not true, mainly sensationalism! Thanks for being the hero that you are, Grace. You and people of your ilk are what make this a wonderful world to live in.

    Comment by Margaret Burton — 10/09/2011 @ 4:32 pm

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