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When there is no accountability for perjury what expectation is there of truth?

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Today’s headlines are of  Mr Patrick O’Brien  who since  2007 has been trying to address Justice by confessing  to perjury  see   todays  herald article  .  In 2008  Police hired  Wellington lawyer Bruce Squire, QC, to investigate the allegations independently.

Squire was actually  hired in 2004  according  to the police web  site  to  look into allegations about the Police undercover programme.

Mr Squire finished his inquiry and sent his report to the police, but would not comment on his conclusions.

He said the report was sent to police more than a year ago…

Now if  this guy is having so much trouble confessing     what would  it be  like if you   tried to report   Perjury or corruption…   well I  can tell you   that you are pushing it up hill and the  offender has a much better chance of taking you  to  court  than you  reporting the  corrupt practices.. I know because I have tried.

And that is how new Zealand gets to be the least corrupt.. the wheels turn  very very  slowly , I think we are still processing 1948 .

In the intervening time the   ombudsmen sit    in their 10 storey building which incidentally used to be a ground floor office  but   now  site  entirely on top  of the mountain of  complaints,  Mr Obrien’s  ombudsmen’s page  reflects  my view of the efficiency of the  ombudsmen’s office.

And in the mean time the power of the  blue uniform still prevails in court ,  any thin a cop says is truth .

The same effect is had  by having   letters behind your name  apparently a  university degree makes you  honest and trust worthy.

Imaging jack the ripper..  Now look what   a few extra letters do

Jack the  ripper MD .. must be a respectable mortician ,

and jack the ripper LLB   well he must be a reputable  lawyer  who slays his opponents.

So   instead of  sending our   criminals to  prison we should  send them to university or put them in a blue uniform  and they will  become   honest and reputable citizens  overnight.

Its time NZ got real   make cops  , lawyers  and anyone else for that matter  accountable  to the truth.. if we cannot have truth in our courts  then we cannot have justice.

But in the least  ( perceived ) corrupt country in the world   it is important to keep our stats   in line to   preserve the pretence.


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