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Transparency in New Zealand

Cold hearted orb that rules the night

Removes the colours from our sight

Red is gray and yellow, white

But we decide which is right

And which is an illusion       – moody blues

The logo on the Transparency International  web site ( ) says Corruption ruins Lives, How true.

Every day I see some one in my office who has been unfairly dealt to and has not had the ability or the right to address an injustice.

Concerned  with what I  am seeing  I took up the invitation  on  Transparency Internationals  web site  and  sent in my  dollars and my application to join.

The application  for transparency international TINZ Membership Form clearly states “  If not approved, the applicant will be advised in writing with the reasons why the application has not been successful.  “  so Imagine  my bemusement  when I receive  a simple one liner “The board of Transparency International (New Zealand) has considered your membership application and we are writing to advise that your application has been declined.”

I served in the New Zealand Police for 15 years, I was a prosecutor and a Sergeant for the past 5 years I have been a Licensed Private investigator specialising in verification. I believed that I had something to contribute with the  insight into lack of transparency which I encounter every day  and how I have personally found  that it   almost impossible to  question corruption in New Zealand   ( more on that later )

To me this raises serious issues with the organisation which just this week reported that NZ ‘least corrupt place on Earth’ .

Are we the least corrupt in the world or is it but an illusion ?

Please follow my blog as I  expose  the issues which  every day New Zealanders  face,  so that you  can  decide  which is right .



  1. 1.)
    i.)Sadly we actually live -perishingly, in a world of human construct -design.a false reality in fact……….
    ….ii.)…. Is it not true ? “That Alice in Wonderland” is in fact a parody of our present grotesque – economic – societal – politico – governmental – administrative -reality……..
    ….iii….. we all are compelled to endure, under the illusion of “The Democratic Process”, governance by Demons -Daemons more likely.[ Ref Google search : a.) “The Occult World Of Commerce” and b.)”Its An Illusion” ] For a peep at “Our Reality BS” exposed for all to see.

    2.) That all political parties are simply just cheeks or portions of cheeks of “The Same Bum”, “constantly shitting” on all children at school, in education of all kinds,

    3.) “We the People” ,the women and men through out this wonderful land that should -could be one of “The Wealthiest places on the Planet”, but for a “Fiat -fiction -value -legal -tender – monetary -system with the accompanying usurious interest debt burden.
    Ref: www. moneymasters .org & Zeitgeist Addendum II for two 10 min video “Money Mechanics” from THE US FEDERAL RESERVE own 1930’s publication Money Mechanics.

    …i.) Just like the Old Soviet Union actually collapsed from within…..
    …ii. for all the incipeint – chronic corruptions that escalated and eventually bankrupted “The State”…..
    …iii not only because of the Ronald Reagan policies – strategies……
    …iv our own “Ancient – Amero – Indian – Honorary -“Big- Chief- Walking – Eagles” would have us believe.

    i ) Our western civilization as we presently know it is actually in “Melt Down” for exactly the same – similar reasons that :”The State Education System” has foisted – fostered and promoted false -failed -philosophies into the juvenile minds and by cunning linguistics reinforced these same false – failed philosophies of Secularism -Humanism – Rationalism -Rational -Lies – Logical -Lies Atheism – Evolution, right through University graduation…….
    ……ii. We doubt it possible to graduate a most if not all Universities if even a sniff of “Un Political Correctness” was evident in one’s assignments – papers – thesis, at this time in history – His – Story.
    ……iii. Such is the now the total control -pervasion of the :
    “PC Nazi Net Work” and getting worse not better,…..
    ……iv…… as this blog site will eventually Establish – Confirm – Verify.

    6.) We commend this site to each and every one who has an occasion or observation to report on Corruptions and the source.

    i) Aotearoa – Nui Tirini -New Zealand needs above all, like Australia has and so successfully used to date :
    ii.) An Anti Corruption Commissioner with wide penetrating powers into all of the Central Government – Local Government administration and all Corporations – Police especially the Police !!.
    iii.)Nothing left out.

    i.) But off course, “The Big Chief Walking Eagle MP’s” of all of THE NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT, the bankrupt corporation, both past and present,……
    ii.) have no – or little interest in real accountability or honesty or transparency…..
    iii……..That was why we lost our right to sue – litigate under the infamous ACC Act ……
    iv………..and yet another example. of why New Zealanders flock over to Australia

    9.) We could write screeds but leave it to others to add their real – hurtful experiences -no holds barred

    i.) Let us trawl the public records first…….
    ii……… and be sure to prepare a covering “Proof of Claim by Written -Sworn -Affidavit”………………..
    iii……… before we go to far along the this track of reporting here.
    “Softly softly Catchee Monkey” and there are plenty of Bureaucrat monkey – bureaurats to catch !
    Kia ora tatau
    So far they have proved to be “So full of Shit as to not be able to fly”

    Comment by Afa Hanawhiti — 27/11/2009 @ 7:17 pm | Reply

  2. Good fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

    Comment by WP Themes — 21/02/2010 @ 6:31 pm | Reply

  3. Transparency International New Zealand is FULL OF IT! Just like what I tweeted to @johnkeypm @nzherald @3NewsEditor Now that this 2012 Budget has been delivered by ‘caesarean jagged knifed section. What about this…”The Right [Dis]Honourable Member of Parliament for Epsom is indebted to his [Obsfucatious] memory for his Anonymous Gifts, and to his imagination for his facts.” – Siena T.M. Denton 1984 – and still alive and kicking.

    My recall does not fail me in the slightest.

    Comment by Siena Denton (@fury12) — 02/06/2012 @ 11:54 am | Reply

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