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Tony Molloy QC is so on to it!

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Tony Molloy QC has hit the nail on the head, I hope Government sits up and takes note. the news item Law system a ‘laughing stock‎  grew out of the  presentation he made to the conference I attended last week . He was  the highlight of the conference   in my view.

Truth , honesty and evidence play no part in our court process and lawyers who are prepared to tell lies  rule the day.

Court is all about strategy   those with the most money and the most lawyers  win no matter how  weak their case is.

5 years ago I questioned the lack of existence of an animal welfare  law enforcement authority , it was to have been the perfect fraud .Court has been used successfully to  prevent this from being exposed. Because the court was misled   no authority will act on it  .

How can the government give law enforcement ability to  something which does not exist , why did they not check  and why was the person  who had a business plan for this venture able to  write the legislation  be  employed as an adviser to the select committee and then  apply  for law enforcement ability in a fictitious name.

Why is still being covered up?   Is it ignorance is it bad law  or is our legal system and government corrupt ? or is it plain incompetence?


  1. with about 50,000 other people we are battling for some sort of justice in New Zealand regarding our personal savings and our paying taxes in New Zealand for many years and being denied (under somepretext by public servants ) that we are NOT ENTITLED TO NZ SUPER a State tax funded retirement pensions AS WE WERE NOT BORN IN NEW ZEALAND?????????but we are working hard and paying all our taxes just the same as other citizens in New Zealand so WHAT IS THE PROBLEM????? NZ Govt must get its act together and recognise MIGRANTS AS FULLY PARTICIPATING CITIZENS IN THIS COUNTRY PAYING ALL THEIR DUES LIVING AS GOOD CITIZENS OBEYING ALL LAWS AND RULES??? WHY DOESNT NZ GOVT DO THE SAME/??????

    Comment by Marie — 24/05/2011 @ 11:05 pm

    • Marie, you point out that you were not born in New Zealand, but that you work “just the same as other citizens”. Do you mean to imply that you are also an NZ citizen, and still not being paid a pension? I hope that is not the case. If, as I suspect, you are a resident of New Zealand, then I hope you understand that Migrants who are not yet New Zealand citizens retain the citizenship of their home country, and are instead eligible to draw their pension from that country.

      Indeed, there is nothing stopping them in New Zealand (should their home nation allow it) from obtaining dual nationality, and drawing both pensions.

      Comment by Phil — 30/05/2011 @ 1:14 am

      • Permanent residence and citizenship are not the same. Being eligible for the Dutch pension has nothing to do with being born in the Netherlands , it is about having contributed earnings to their pension scheme.
        There is a very complex equation for people collecting the Dutch pension In NZ and if their Dutch contributions are less than the NZ pension it is topped up to be equal but not more than what a New Zealander gets.
        The way I see it the issue is How the Dutch pension is paid rather than What NZ does.
        Where it becomes unfair is where other countries pay out the pensions in lump sums ( e.g. UK ) before 65 and then these persons are eligible for the entire NZ pension at 65. Those collecting he Dutch pension are effectively getting their own contributions just like those who worked in the Uk does.
        The Uk allows double dipping the Dutch scheme doesn’t.

        Comment by anticorruptionnz — 30/05/2011 @ 10:07 am

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