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The political connection

AWINZ   is very well connected to Waitakere city  , the connections  of AWINZ to Waitakere and   of Neil Wells with the Mayor Bob Harvey is well documented .

Mayor Bob  in his cv refers to his days in advertising

In the mayors report 2005 mayor Bob makes special reference on Page  8 to his old colleague from advertising days.

Neil Wells  in his CV makes reference to the  same advertising agencies  and in the CV he supplied with the affidavit   he statesMacHarman Associates Ltd, accredited advertising agency: General Manager

• Managed (along with Bob Harvey – now Mayor of Waitakere) the 1972 General Election campaign that resulted in the election of the Norm Kirk government”

If  you have the inclination to put documents and events in chronological order  it can be demonstrated that significant events overlap  in he two men’s career paths .

Neil Wells writes the  first Animal welfare bill  on behalf of Labour minister Pete Hodgson  and placed it in what is called the private members bill ballot. He  “won the ballot first time, an almost unheard-of event.”

So Neil Wells wrote the Bill with his  ambition in mind  but local Government New Zealand was to get in the way.

Wells became an independent advisor to the select committee  which   reviewed  his bill  and a second bill which had been  introduced to overcome issues  with  the no1 bill written by Wells.

As a result of  integration of the two bills  Neil Wells sections  with regards to approved organisations  survived  but not as he had intended.

Even  before the bill was passed  into Law  Wells has   his application in for the trust  which  has not been set up ( and by all accounts  has not formally met )to become an approved organisation .

Not one of the statements made with regards to the trust was correct. Judge Joyce was to say of this  that Mr Wells had got ahead of himself.

Proof that he had not  “ got ahead of himself”  was found  in the Waitakere archives  where in Wells own hand writing he had earlier that year made an application for funding for the non existent trust AWINZ and  had  stated at point 1.8 in the document dated October 1999,  that the trust was in process of registration as a charitable trust.( incorporation )   he signs as a trustee of what he was to  claim in court to  be an Oral Trust  to over come the difficulty that there was no trust deed until March 2000, he was to   receive $700  funding from this application   something I called fraud  and something I was found guilty of  for  defaming Mr Wells.

(As a Former Police Officer and now a Private Investigator I  can only apologise to Mr Wells  for  what the court tells me is my mistaken belief. I believe my  opinion was  true and based  on real evidence, evidence which I was not allowed to produce in the court of law  but will produce in the court of public opinion)  Hence any judgement  you will read with  regards to this matter are scathing of me . While I had the evidence and could not produce it  AWINZ and Wells  had no evidence and were taken on their word.

Following the application   made by Wells on behalf of AWINZ , MAF reviewed the application and  on    24 December 1999 Maf  wrote this to the minister  it sets out their concerns .

In the intervening  time public money pays for  legal decisions which will ultimately set up this private trust , the  decisions  from Crown law  were against the proposal .

But a Legal decision from Kensington Swan paid for by Waitakere city challenges the crowns points .

Treasury   also expresses its concerns

But against these odds and without verifying that the trust exists  or is incorporated as it claims to be  , the  newly elected  labour cabinet approves the application .

From 2006 -2008  I made official information act requests  but  the   information   supplied was extremely sparse , entire pages  were blanked out  exposing only the  few lines which  answered he question I had put.

In January 2009 after the election of a new  Government, I was invited back to Wellington  and had  access to MAF archives.   The documents which  I requested were supplied  , I scanned these and put them in chronological order  with  documents I had obtained from the archives of  Waitakere city.

And so  documents  which were never meant to be   seen  together   found themselves  consecutively placed on   my files  and the true   picture emerged.

An example  of this  is that Waitakere City council  deny that AWINZ  operates from their premises   but this communication from Wells to Maf would indicate  something  different  being a $1 per year rental  from Waitakere  City .

As can be seen   Wells was at that time  a lecturer at Unitec     that connection tomorrow.


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